Operational Pause

I’m not dead. I haven’t posted in a while mostly because I’ve been working on the new house. I haven’t planned any trips for this Spring either. This is also due to the house remodel but also the uncertainty surrounding my ignition module issues of late. I’ve run the BWB and taken a few short[…]

Celebrate Freedom and Independence 

My daughter RovErica captured this picture tonight. It’s kinda ironic, we are celebrating our independence from Great Britain today and I drive a British vehicle. Happy Independence Day or as the British call it Happy Treason Day. Either way remember the sacrifices brave men have made to allow you to sleep under the warm blanket[…]

Oil Sump Gasket Replaced

…the Big White Bus has recently been leaving a nice puddle of oil when she comes to a stop. I know all the jokes about British cars and leaks. If you don’t see a leak, it’s probably dry. Well I don’t care for leaks.

Episode VII: The Rise of Death Wobble

Everyone is taking their liberties with the latest installment of the Star Wars™ franchise so why not?

This weekend was the first available after the holidays and I had to take advantage of the time and get my bushings replaced on the front end. If you’ve been reading along, I’ve been trying to fix my death wobble (Okierover). I’ve tried lots of things and nothing has helped more than fiddling with the bushings.