Headquarters Relocation  (Post #576) 10/24/2017

I’ve been reminded by Facebook that I have not posted in a while.

Here’s the latest:
Okierover Headquarters is moving to Newcastle, Oklahoma at the end of the month. We found a house with an acre of land and managed to downsize a bit. It was my former high school English teacher’s house and a one owner built in 1973. Mrsokierover has promised I can build a shoppe so I’m pretty chuffed.

The Big White Bus is still in the shoppe. That’s fine because one I have no money right now due to moving expenses and closing costs.  I also have no place to park her because the driveway is covered with PODS. AND, my tools and garage are in a terrible state with all the packing going on.

Mickey is still diagnosing the issue. At this point I still believe that the issue is heat related but that remains to be seen. I am  still convinced it is ignition related. The shear number of components that could cause the issue will make for a rather complex decision tree. More on this after the move.

I want to remind you all to #Hibernot as winter approaches. If it stays wet in the middle states we might even have real winter. You remember winter it’s that season when it gets cold outside and frozen precipitation falls from the sky. Last winter may have spoiled a few of you. So prepare yourself to get outside.

Okierover bought an F150 Lariat Edition to haul the camper. It is ridiculously outfitted with features. Of course having air conditioning and a radio is quite an upgrade compared to the spartan Big White Bus as Mr. Fisher so aptly stated. We took the OkieF150 on the last overland trip to Southeastern Oklahoma. It was pretty nice to drive around with air conditioning and listening to satellite radio. A guy could get spoiled if he wasn’t careful.

That’s all for now.

As always, thank you for reading and Happy Rovering.