The 12 Days of Christmas Okierover Style (Post #226) 12/15/2010

I know the 12 days of Christmas START on Christmas day and end on January 5th. But here on the plains we do things differently. We drive rusty British vehicles and we drink creamy ales and we are just a bit different from our Jeepy and FJ cousins. So, I’m going to start the 12 days as a count down to Christmas. That will leave you the 12 days after Christmas to play with all the toys you will have for your Land Rover.

So….On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
One broken axle.

The reason for my viscous coupling failure. RovErica confessed that she probably broke it when she swerved off the road one late night coming home from The Badger’s house scarring the crap out of her friend Jenny.

So with just a front wheel drive Range Rover, I was still able to rescue stuck vehicles during the Christmas Eve Snowpocalypse of 2009. Impressive.