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About Okierover

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I’m a United States Marine, a grandpa, a dad, and a husband. I haven’t aspired to be much in life beyond all that. That’s probably a good thing, because those four things consume my every waking thought. This blog is about my ownership of a Land Rover here in Oklahoma. I also occasionally blog about history, Oklahoma’s freakish weather, family, and even sports. My aim is to entertain and instruct when possible. I encourage you to comment or you can contact me by email at okierover @ gmail dot com or at the social media site links found on the blog. Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

  • Swapping stuff

    Bolting stuff on and off.

  • Driving

    Getting the Big White Bus from point A to point B

  • Motor and Transmissions

    Oily metal bits spinning and magic stuff happening

  • Electrical

    The key is to keep the magic smoke inside the wires