Another great drive

I drove my wounded BWB to the reenactment this weekend. But only after buying about 70$(US) in fluids and maintenance items. She ran great. The drive down was mostly uneventful. Well mechanically speaking. I-35 is in a terrible state. There were two cross overs for bridge repair and road maintenance. One of which closed my[…]

Go ahead tear it up

I know you have felt like this at least once when you were driving. This last weekend I was once again reminded that kids and luxury automobiles do not mix. Sunday was the Alameda Bowl II at our church. It is a “friendly” game of flag football between the staff of the church and the[…]

February 13th, 2003

February 13, 2003Whooo HoooooOff road driving can some times be done ON ROAD. Near my home they are widening an intersection from the quaint two lane county section-linesque road to the behemoth 5 lane with traffic light. There are several level changes between the old road and the new road beds. They are sharp and[…]