Falconworks brings us some good news about ABS Pumps! (Post #352) 6/13/2013

I found this post hiding in the DRAFTS. It’s information that everyone that drives a Range Rover Classic should have.I have long believed that the ABS pumps we affectionately love to hate (is that possible?) are re-buildable. I’ve done a little looking around and figured it was completely possible if I could find the right shop.

Lo and behold I get this email from George.

Hey OkieRover!
Happy New Year!
Just letting you know that ABS pumps ARE repairable.
Got mine back from Al Cowan after a $US378 overhaul (vs $1500 new):
http://www.falconworks.net/ along with a new accumulator and 2 new relays.

I held off replacing the accumulator as I wanted to see what it did with a decent pump. The howling has stopped (bearing?) and all I hear is a buzz like a mosquito in my ear. I can also hear the relay click when it starts/stops. AND The Three Amigos have ridden off into the sunset too!

Stationary, I get 3-4 pedal pushes before the pump starts and it only runs for 2-3 secs. On the road, it starts when the brake pedal gets a good push but it stops pretty quickly. By referring to Al’s bible:


I’ve concluded the accumulator is getting near the end of its days but I’m due to change the brake fluid this year so I’ll replace it then.

So I emailed Falconworks and asked them about the service. This is the email I got in return…

Yes Eric,
We still do. We also make and sell new brush-holders and armatures for them, for those who want to attempt it themselves. We no longer keep exchange units on the shelf, but will repair or rebuild clients’ old units:  turnaround is usually a couple days in the shop. Any number of Rover-specialist garages use us routinely.

Also, to aid in diagnostics, we have a full bench-test fixture, and can test pumps, accumulators, and pressure switches for folks: it runs $59 to test all three.

And, of course, we still sell the guide to Range Rover ABS brakes, “Getting Comfortable ….” online as a download.
Mobile message from
Alan / Falconworks

Thanks goes out to George for finding this service. And thanks goes out to Alan of Falconworks for responding so quickly.

Sorry it took me so long to publish this info.

Thanks for reading and Happy trouble-free stopping Rovering.