Overlanding Kit on the Way (Post #569) 1/22/2017

I bought a second aluminum medical transport chest. I read an article on Overland Bound about having a three trunk system. Pack 3 Cases describes a system where you have three cases ready to go at all times. Adjusting your kit to have the optimal amount of gear for getting out and getting on the trail.

If you have the cases pre-packed you can get home, get your kit on you rig, and get on the road more quickly and efficiently. It’s a solid idea, so I went to some effort to find and purchase 2 additional GI Aluminum Medical Transport Cases. They come in basically three sizes I prefer the Medium size.
Medium – 11½. H x 19½ in. W x 31½ in. L
Large – 17 in. H x 19½ in. W x .31½ in. L
X-Large Chest – 22 in. H x 19½ in. W x 31½ in. L

A quick search of eBay may find you some used ones. I found some at Coleman’s for a reasonable price 79.99$(US). I’ve seen the for as much as 130$(US) and weren’t as nice. Coleman’s often runs out of stock so be prepared for that eventuality. I bought on from a gentleman on eBay. It came with a lot of additional stuff which I thought was awesome. In addition to the case, I got a sleeping bag bivy cover, a very large ditty bag, and a large ammo can. So shop around you don’t know what you’ll get.

If you read my Organizing the Boot post you will see my first medical case there in the pictures. In that case I pack all my tools, spare parts, and straps both recovery and packing. I recommend you read that post as well as it outlines how I pack all the gear needed to keep me on the road and prepared for most issues.

I have packed the camp kitchen in one of my other cases. I still have a little room left for more items if necessary. The third case I think will be my sleeping gear like sleeping bag and sleeping pad. My cot will still need to go in the back along with camp chairs. My friend Erik recently purchased a set of the upgraded heavy duty plastic storage cases.

The thing with either of these solutions is that the cases are water tight and very sturdy. I don’t expect that I’ll have to replace them any time soon. After Erik posted this picture on the Oklahoma Land Rover Owner’s Facebook page I thought of doing a similar picture. However that was the first week my shoulder was really acting up and I couldn’t lift anything over my head. The thought of emptying the cases to make them lighter didn’t appeal to me either as I had just got them loaded with gear.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.


Bigfoot Talisman (Post #510) 8/30/2014


I saw this fused glass Bigfoot at the Midsummer’s Night Fair a couple of weeks ago.  I was there to see the Oh! Johnny Girls.


They were as awesome as I expected them to be. But the Bigfoot Talisman haunted me on the bicycle ride home. I told Mr. Fisher that it was imparitive that I get one for the Big White Bus.

So I checked with Mrs. Fisher who had very adepty stalked them and hooked me up with them on Facebook. I found out they were setting up at the Oklahoma City Arts Festival. I dragged Mrs. Okierover to the festival to pick up a fused glass Oklahoma necklace for her and my talisman.


They both look great and now when go down to Southeast Oklahoma to cruise the back roads like outlaws, we won’t have any trouble with Bigfoot due to the supreme mojo of the talisman.


I urge you to check out Jim Shelley’s work. I know you will see something you like. And if you want protection from Bigfoot while in the bush, this is the only place you can get a fused glass Bigfoot Talisman.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Slow Days of Summer (Post #497) 5/31/2014


Coke and a Smile, well a Coke anyway.
Coke and a Smile, well a Coke anyway.

Sorry for the post drought lately. I finally have a new job and haven’t had much time to do much of anything Land Rover. I ordered a CV joint and some other bits to sort out the axle problem that I referred to in Front Half Shaft Oil-Seal Failure. I thought they’d be in this weekend. Rovers North told me the CV joint was on a container ship last week. I thought for sure I’d have it by this week. By Saturday morning it had not arrived.

So Saturday I took the long drive up to Jones, Oklahoma to help the Evil German Dude. The sunroof was open and the windows down and I had a Mexi-Coke. Life is good. EGD has had some trouble with his swimming pool of late. The original liner failed after a few years and a new liner that was installed a couple of weeks ago required yet another new liner. Many hands make light work. Porsche Mike and his sweet wife Mel came out to help as well. Mel is keen to do some “off-roading” with us and very much enjoyed the comfort of the Big White Bus when trying out the seats. I hope to see more of Porsche Mike in the future…like maybe at a Garage Day, hint, hint.

We were thinking of Paparazzi Ford who was unable to attend due to the loss of his father this past week. My buddy Mr. Fisher lost his sister this weekend too. She succumbed to a long battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with both of their families in this difficult time.

209,000 miles
209,000 miles

We finished everything we could do and all that was left was to watch the water fill the pool at 6-8 gallons a minute. I drove home and stopped on the way home for some petrol and the BWB’s odometer was sitting on 209,000. The now twenty-one year old Range Rover has shown us some great miles. I managed to get 15 miles per gallon out of this last tank full. That really surprises me because my new commute has a lot more stop and go traffic due to the new hours I have at my new employment. I am stuck in “five o’clock traffic” on the way home and that is usually terrible for gas mileage ratings.

I guess I’ll schedule next Saturday for an axle tear down. I’m almost reluctant to swap the CV joint. The sound I’m hearing is not there very often. The  noise could also be explained by the wrong fluid being in the reservoir. If I do swap it, the old CV would be an excellent shelf spare if it should ever be needed.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be videoing the axle tear down and will post it all up when I have the time.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Okierover Logo Refresh (Post #496) 5/22/2014


Wow! Doesn’t that look great? I am chuffed to bits over it. It may surprise you but photoshop is not one of the things I’m good at. I put together the old Okierover logo more than ten years ago using Paintshop Pro.

My good friend Richard Mullins did it for me. Rich and I’s friendship goes way back. He is one of those friends that you knew were cool just being around him. We went to high school and the same university and worked together at T.G.&Y. Back in the day he was a pretty good racketball player too. One of my most cherished memories is of Rich and I hanging around at my house. We were trying to take “cool pictures”. So Rich grabs the phone and says, “Take a picture of me talking on the phone.” I still have the picture.

Newcastle Oklahoma Summer 1983
Newcastle Oklahoma Summer 1983

As you can tell the 1980’s were in full bloom in this picture. Rick Ocasek (The Cars) haircut, check. Racing check sleeve-less shirt with graphic, check. That might even be a “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” shirt. Phone attached to wall, check.

Rich always had the latest music videos on VHS. We lived in rural Oklahoma and music videos were only shown on a late night show. This was back when MTV actually showed music videos all day, everyday. If you wanted to watch videos and you didn’t have cable TV you had to record them. He was always a fixture at our parties. He was the first person I knew that knew what he wanted to do with his life that wasn’t trying to be a doctor of some sort or other.

There are two future doctors in this photo and three more inside the apartment.
There are two future doctors in this photo and three more inside the apartment.
Yes, those are umbrella’s in our beer cups.

Rich wanted to be an artist and that’s what he became. He’s doing it professionally and has a very unique expressionist style.

He was the first person I thought of when I thought of redesigning my website and getting my logo refreshed. The results are, as you have seen above, stunning. Way more than I expected.

Go over to Rich’s site RICHARDMULLINS.COM and check out his paintings. you might even see something you like.

Thanks again Rich, you are totally awesome for sure.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Living History Season is Upon Us (Post #457) 2/27/2014

Living History — noun

any of various activities involving the re-enactment of historical events or the recreation of living conditions of the past

Some people think living history is just a bunch crazy people dressing up in old-timey clothes and hanging out at historical sites. You’ve seen the popular media make fun of living historians. Conan O’brien did a segment on it. (I laughed.)

There are some seriously dedicated people who IMMERSE themselves in their hobby. I’ve met some of them and even I think some of them over do it a bit. Whether it’s trains, model air planes, doll collecting, knitting, Land Rovers, or whatever. Some people really dive into their hobby. Whether its the trekkie learning the Klingon language, or Lord of the Rings fans learning to speak Elvish, or the train enthusiast that photographs all the locomotive engines in North America, it’s no different with living history buffs. Continue reading “Living History Season is Upon Us (Post #457) 2/27/2014”