Transmission Rebuild In Progress (Post #529) 3/11/2015


King Transmission called today and they will be getting started building my transmission. I’m very excited that I will have a fully functional transmission.

The Plan
The plan has been to minimize my vehicle downtime. So I went to Rover Cannibal and picked up a core. I took it to King Transmission on Classen in Norman.

They come highly recommended. Mickey of Mickey’s Garage, Ryan from Rover Cannibal,  and my friend JagGuy all spoke highly of their work. They build all sorts of transmissions for many applications. Racing, luxury autos,  and the best 4×4’s x far. The last time I was there the was a bloody dragster in one of the bays.

I am hoping for several outcomes with this new transmission.
One, better gas mileage. I know the tranny is slipping and not functioning optimally.
Two, I can now haul a trailer effectively. Even the slightest bit of tow weight and the Range Rover acts like a ninety-seven year old man pulling an apple cart uphill.

I’ll post again when I get close to having the transmission installed.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

An Unexpected Gift (Post #454) 2/24/2014

One of my best friends Facebook messaged me the other day. He was cleaning out boxes and organizing his life and found a pair of fog lamps off his Range Rover Classic and he wanted to give them to me. Eric K. is the reason I was called “Biff” by that circle of friends when I went to college. In that circle of friends there happened to be three “Eric’s”. Arric, Eric K., and Me. I did not like the impersonal manner of being called “Stephens”. I was called that by everyone in my unit in the Marine Corps and much preferred a more personal name. So one day I started a rant and asked my friends to call me anything but “Stephens”. I rattled off half a dozen names, some rude, some absurd. One of the absurd was “Biff”. The only Biff’s we had ever known were members of fraternities and we mostly made fun of them. So “Biff” stuck. Only a few friends still call me Biff. And I’m affectionately known as Uncle Biff by one set of my friend’s kids still to this day.

Eric did not have a good experience with his Range Rover…. Continue reading “An Unexpected Gift (Post #454) 2/24/2014”

Passing it to the next generation (Post #290) 5/10/2012

My grand kids were knocking around inside the Range Rover this weekend. In between the expected “look at me Paw-paw’s” I caught them looking out the back.

I had to have a picture.

The good news is they didn’t break anything. Nothing on the Rover and nothing on themselves. The inside of the Range Rover isn’t exactly “kid friendly”. We all go to great lengths to child proof our houses. How do you child proof a Range Rover with a machete and tactical entrenching tool bouncing around in the boot? Not to mention a bag full of tools that will either poke you, cut you, or scratch you, if you don’t pay attention.

I left fate in God’s hands and told them not to touch anything.
I mean, it worked for you and I right? Wink, wink.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.