Current Progress (Post #594) 12/14/2021

In the latest installment, I chat about my current progress on getting the Big White Bus back on the road. I had to take a week off for family coming in for the holiday, and Mrs. Okierover and I both got bronchitis that decided to hang on for 3 weeks (you can hear the Stevie Nicks in my voice). That slowed work on the to-do list. This weekend I’ll probably need the new heater in the shop as it should start getting colder here on the Southern Plains.

In the video, I show the closed cell neoprene installed. I talk about a small missed part on the heater box install. Also talk about getting a new seat controller ECU and getting the seats out. A few words about adjusting the door handle for the driver’s side rear door.

Then instead of shutting up, I drone on more about my desire to have a new bumper, a storage box/bed, and installing D-rings.

I know the video work needs improvement and as I torture you as you watch them make more and more they should improve. When I’m a big interwebs video star you can say, “I remember when that bum first got started. Man those early videos sucked.”

Your feedback is always appreciated.

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Neoprene for the Win (Post #594) 12/9/2021

A new vlog (do people still call this VLOGging?) on the continuing saga of restoring my Range Rover Classic. I talk about replacing the spongy floor pan covering with closed cell, marine grade, neoprene. I also talk about a possible plan for the seats to be recovered.

I think I’ll take the seats to a local upholstery shop and have them recover them. I have to get the seats out of the Big White Bus first and ….my seat switch controller has failed. I droned on about that so I cut that part of the video out and skipped ahead.

Tell me what you think of these video posts (vlogs, youtubes, whatever…). They seem to be easier than typing up a bunch of text and posting pictures of the work. They might suck…I don’t know, so if you don’t tell me they are terrible How am I to ever know?

Link to and the XCEL Extra Large Marine Roll, Closed Cell Neoprene Rubber with Adhesive, Size 60″ x 16″ x 1/2″. Made in the USA!!!! USA! USA!

Thanks for watching and Happy Rovering.