Click, Click, Click (Post #494) 5/12/2014

I had another episode with the starter today. I had just walked out of the dentist’s office and got into the Range Rover turned the key and got, click. Turned it again, click. And again, click.

I called the wife (at work), son (at the Y), nephew (at the Y), Fireman Jason (at the station 8), and finally Mrs. Fisher (at work but leaving) for help. Mrs. Fisher offered her Pontiac for a jump. No go. So she gave me a ride home where Mr. Fisher picked me up and we took the battery for testing.

After a short (5 minute) charge and test, the battery registered good. So we took the battery back to the Range Rover, installed it, and turned the key. Of course, it started. Continue reading “Click, Click, Click (Post #494) 5/12/2014”

Diagnostics, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore (Post #490) 4/24/2014

Florida Orange Juice Growers Association had a slogan in the 1970’s, “Orange juice, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.” It was used to encourage people to drink orange juice during the day, not just at breakfast time. It’s clever and a lesson for us. Diagnosing a problem should not stop with only one solution, keep diagnosing through the problem.

Diagnostics is the root of what we do to fix our Land Rovers. If you can’t diagnose the problem you can’t fix it. This was made painfully financially clear to me last night. Continue reading “Diagnostics, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore (Post #490) 4/24/2014”

Starter Problems (Again?) (Post #486) 4/20/2014

The Big White Bus came home on the back of a flatbed of shame wrecker Friday night. The starter has failed. Thursday night as I was leaving the Marine Corps Coordinating Council dinner the failure was foreshadowed by the starter giving me a telltale click sound when I tried to start her to come home.

When I turned her over I got a few clicks, uttered an expletive, and turned the key and then she decided to start. I drove to the gas station to fill up and when I went to leave she started just fine. The next morning she started just fine. So when I came out to go home, I had honestly forgotten the starter was misbehaving. Continue reading “Starter Problems (Again?) (Post #486) 4/20/2014”

Flatbed of Shame Part Duex (Post #485) 4/19/2014

Another road side parking lot recovery.
Another road side parking lot recovery.

The result of a failed starter. This time she left me in the parking lot at work. After dark that part of town is not exactly the best place to have a break down.

We finally got her home at 23:30. I think we are going to turn on road side assistance rider on our auto insurance policy. Last night’s tow was 109$(US). They brought her the 21 miles from work all the way to the driveway in Norman.

I have my first video blog taped and will post it most likely Easter evening.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.