Cool New Springs (Post #372) 7/29/2013

I just picked up the Big White Bus from Mickey’s Garage. We had her in to get my recently purchased Terrafirm medium duty springs installed and some air conditioning. The air conditioning has been out since RovErica was driving her back in 2009. 
The improved ride height took some getting used to on driving home. Fresh springs changed not only the ride height but how she “feels” on the road. I’m very pleased with the appearance too.
The air conditioning took some magic to get going. In the end a replaced compressor, dryer and expansion valve were needed. I’m sure the hoses will have to be replaced too. I can only imagine that the 20 year old hoses will leak. I’m optimistically hoping I can get through the heat of summer before buying any more parts.
I’ve already received some teasing from +The Evil German Dude . I sent the above picture to he and the former Titanium Hitch. 
EGD’s reply, “But will it start?” was expected. 
He ended the chat with, “Call me if you need a tow. It looks good…” 
I have great friends.
So today has been pretty good. I received my LEAN / Six Sigma Green Belt certification this morning and my Range Rover is once again sitting in my driveway. I’m doing pretty good.
Two more check boxes closer to Circumnavigating Oklahoma. Overlanding is where its at. I enjoyed this post about a legendary overlander Francis Birtles on Overland Live.
Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Rust and the Art of Welding: Part Deux, Electric Boogaloo (Post #333) 4/23/2013

Here are the pictures of the install and the damage from the rust. I like the silver gray color. The front shocks went in with very little trouble.

The corrosion and abuse are evident on this shock.

Here’s what’s left of the rear shock mounts. Look closely at the one on the left in this picture. That is terrible. The threads being destroyed are evident in this picture too.

I’ve got lots of stuff coming to the hacienda de OkieRover. My buddy JagGuy is letting me swap him a lunch at Earl’s Bar-B-Que for a sand blasting cabinet. It needs new gloves so I ordered those today as well.

I also ordered two Tennier Industries Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bags from Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet ( Basically they are extra long -10 degree Fahrenheit sleeping bags and should be a nice addition to our camping kit.

More as the parts start arriving.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.