I fixed it? (Post #87) 8/29/2007

I called Rover Cannibal to get a price for the wheel hub. And on my way home from Erica’s softball game last night, it quit making the sound. How about that? A simple phone call fixed my problem!

Actually what happened was probably the ABS sensor ring is now broke into a dozen or so pieces and no longer rings and chings when it’s bouncing around in the hub.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to tear this apart on Friday and get it fixed.

I was kidding around with the Rover Cannibal guys and they quipped, “See were damn good, one phone call and it’s fixed.”
It’s good to see some people still have a sense of humor.

Frustration (Post #86) 8/22/2007

Still trying to nail down the mysterious noise. I went by Rover Cannibal yesterday for lunch and Ryan drove the Disco while I ran along side to find the noise. We determined that it’s most likely in the left front hub. Ryan said possibly the ABS sensor ring. That makes sense because I have the Three Amigos lit up and I can’t reset the code.
I guess I’ll be disassembling that this coming week to confirm.

66,666 (Post #79) 7/29/2007

With 66,666 miles rolling past on the odometer a couple of problems have popped up. I have had the dreaded “Three Amigos” light up on the dash 3 times now. Each time they pop up I seem to be applying my brakes on bumpy road surfaces. And each time I stop the Disco and shut off the engine, when I return to start her up again they are gone. I’m sure it’s the brakes as I have a squeeking pad somewhere on the vehicle. I purchased new pads that should arrive this week.

I also have been getting the Service Engine light. It stays on for a few hours but it has not stayed on continuously. So I purchased an Innova Equus 3130 code reader.

I got it for a good price off of eBay. This model allows you to get live data from the vehicle while it’s running. The sole set back at this time is the RS232 cable it shipped with. Most modern computers don’t use serial connections. So I’ll have to buy a serial port for my computer. Hopefully I will be able to catch the code the Disco is throwing and get it corrected.

Other than these slight annoyances I have been happy with the Disco. I really enjoyed the air conditioning on the drive home from the 35 and older Senior Division softball tournament I play in on Sunday. Our team was terrible, but what did we expect for one practice with 6 players showing up. Several of us had not even played this year. I saw guys out there that I played with 15 years ago, and I know they still play twice a week at least.

I have lots still to do on the Rangie, including getting the bushings swapped, the exhaust, recharging the air conditioner and the rust on the lower tail gate. Those are the three big projects I still haven’t completed. I’d like to replace the head unit in the sound system and have seen some Range Rover II radios for as low as 65 bucks on eBay. The original unit can be repaired for a cost of around 200 and I’ve gotten quotes for about the same amount for another one. Thats a bit pricey considering what you can buy in the retail shops.

Thanks for reading and happy rovering.