Trans-America, Oh How I Wish I Could Do That (Post #440) 1/30/2014

I am itching to get out and do this. How freaking awesome would this trip be? Sadly I don’t have a month to make a Trans-American Trip happen. But if I did, I’d start tomorrow.

What IS in our sights is the Circumnavigation of the State of Oklahoma. The Range Rover has never been as ready as she is now. I still have to replace the oxygen sensors and sort out a recent throttle position sensor problem that popped up over the weekend. I also have an annoying problem with dust getting in the cab when I drive down dirt roads. Windows up or down, a lot of dust gets in the cab. I need to investigate that as well, but she is about as ready as one could hope.

I feel the need to have a good shake down run with her and crossing the state on dirt roads sounds like the perfect trip. I blogged last year about buying the maps for the Oklahoma portion of the Trans-America Trip. It is a route entirely on dirt across the state. I have a co-pilot lined up in the ever adventurous Mr. Fisher. All I need now is the fuel money and off we go.

This would be a great trip for our new Red Dirt Rovers club. I think it should be run before it is attempted with people one barely know. A major concern I have at this moment is my own personal lack of trail experience (in my Land Rover) and a complete lack of confidence in my ability to lead a group off-road. I have driven off-road, but I have never had the responsibility of other people’s rigs on my head.


Who Done It? (Post #437) 1/26/2014

When the Check Engine Light comes on its like a “Who Done It” Masterpiece Theatre. What lovely little bit of the electrical system has decide to misbehave.

I fired up the Range Rover this morning to go to church. She stumbled a bit several times at low RPMs. Finally the Check Engine light came on.

I pulled over and went around to the code display. There was nothing on it, no codes were visible. So I jumped in and continued on to church.

She ran fine and didn’t stumble again. I jumped out and went around and checked the code display gave me a 17. Throttle Position Sensor. I had solved the mystery.

I think the reason was a simple one. I was in a little hurry this morning and didn’t let her warm up the normal time. I will probably clear the code and see if it comes back.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Error Code 17 (Post #162) 1/2/2010

The mystery surrounding the OBD code display continues. Just when I thought it failed I have a code 17 displayed. So the mystery is, why no code when the Check Engine light came on last month? And why has it decided to display a code 17. I didn’t ask for a code 17.

A throttle position sensor is a cool 200$ depending on where I buy it. I guess I should be happy that my sensor made it to 180,000 miles. So I’m gonna order a sensor this month. And I’ll write up its install for all to see.

I still have a great deal of work to do on the Range Rover. This cold weather is wreaking havoc on my door latches and they are beginning to stick on both sides. I complete refurbish kit for those parts would come in very handy.

I also have the brake discs and fluid reservoir to replace. That job requires a jacked up vehicle and decent weather. Neither of which is expected or possible right now. The weather man is predicting teens and single digits for middle of next week. And the garage looks like I’m preparing for a garage sale. There are way too many pieces of furniture and other things. Exactly why storage buildings were invented. No I don’t have one….yet.

I’m planning on making an event or two this spring…if you have any suggestions drop me an email.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

January 10th, 2005 (Post #56)

January 10th, 2005
New tires on, Throttle Position Sensor Image Uploaded, Lense covers re-installed
The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo II’s are on the Rover. They look good and ride high. The wet roads have been no challenge so far and snow is expected for later this week so I’m all prepared.

I had a request for an image of the Throttle Position Sensor. So I uploaded an image so I have a quick reference image ready when asked again. Check it out here, TPS location.

Lense covers are now re-installed. As you may (or may not) recall the Norman Sanitation truck knocked one of them off a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Since then I have been redesigning how they go back on the BWB or carrying them around. You can read about that at the Lens Guards Page.

I’m still working on the sun roof cover. I will investigate the problem with the AM radio stations while I have the headliner out. I might even replace my speakers in the rear to match the front speakers.