Car Spider? (Post #541) 6/30/2015


Here in Oklahoma if want to keep the inside of you Land Rover from reaching cookies baking hot you must Crack your windows during the day. At a minimum at least the inside temp will be close to the air temp outside.

When got in the Big White Bus the other day the sun was shining just right to illuminate the webs you see above. It’s quite a set up. I wondered which species I had this month. A day or two went by before I saw the spider.

I was about to merge on to the street outside my office and there he was swinging from the rear view mirror. He doing his best Tarzan impression and too quickly for me to get a picture.

Normally I wouldn’t have shown any concern for the webs but we have had an unusually populous spider season. Thankfully I’m 90 percent sure the spider I saw was my man. It wouldn’t do to have a Black Widow or Brown Recluse in the Big White Bus. Because if I felt a spider crawling up my leg while I was driving I’d most likely kill myself trying exterminate it with extreme prejudice. At least I’d have the satisfaction that the fiery crash would extinguish it and it’s offspring’s lives.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.