CV Joint and Front Axle Seal

Here is what will pass for a how-to video on the CV Joint and axle seal replacement. I had trouble videoing it with greasy hands. I also had trouble because the phone ran out of disk space. That let to some choppy video and you didn’t get to see the assembly. What I do hope[…]

Garage Day: Titanium Hitch and His New to Him Ford

Another Saturday, another Garage Day. Wrenching on a old truck with your best friends in the middle of rural farm country is as American as America gets. This time the patient was Titanium Hitch’s 1998 F-150. According to TH the truck had been running pretty rough. It was in bad need of a tune up.[…]

December 10th, 2002

December 10, 2002 Garage Day Success Garage Day was a success. The Land Rover Bomber Jackets were a big hit. Got the bad brake fluid changed. There were a great many bits floating in the recovery bottle.The fluid is translucent now as opposed to the tea colored fluid we removed. There will be aright up[…]