November 15th, 2002 ( (Post #12)

November 15, 2002

Garage Day is coming (see below). I will work on one of two projects at Garage Day. Either the “Great Brake Fluid Replacement” or the “Gosh, a light here would be really cool” project. The brake fluid swap is no big deal. Replace the brake fluid whoopee. But the light project is better, more nerdy. The Ditchfinder has a light under the hood of his Chevy that has a real long cord and can be used as far away as the back tires. I went to a junk yard and got one for $10. I plan to install it under the hood. Thusly providing a very nice light for those dark nights on the side of the road.

On the board I have been inquiring about a dual battery setup. In the coming months I will be investigating that possibility. I have a concern about my alternator at this point and it’s ability to charge the batteries. But I will find out more and as always I will let you know what is found.

I am coming around to the final design for the Rover Cupholder (what no reverb). I am pricing lathes and will be to turn some samples out of pine or other cheap wood to work out the bracket to holder relationships. JagGuy had some great input as we blazed along in Edmond to the garage last week and with that advice I think I am ready to “Turn some wood baby”. I have never used a lathe so I may have to have another friend give me a primer first.