I registered this morning for the yearly South Central Area Rover Rally, aka SCARR. I’ve been meaning¬†to attend this event for the last three years. But as things are, something always comes up, vehicle problems, family problems, failing to plan. What’s that old saying?


Well that stings a bit, but it’s accurate. So this year I sorted out the weekend, announced I was going, got funding to go, invited a friend to go with me, in short, I made plans to go.¬† […]

Trans-America, Oh How I Wish I Could Do That

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdNJeDdaJOc I am itching to get out and do this. How freaking awesome would this trip be? Sadly I don’t have a month to make a Trans-American Trip happen. But if I did, I’d start tomorrow. What IS in our sights is the Circumnavigation of the State of Oklahoma. The Range Rover has never been[…]

Circumnavigating the Great State of Oklahoma

While we listened on the radio to Norman North High School defeat Owasso Community College* in the semi-final round of the state 6A football playoffs, my wife did some preliminary mapping of a route to circumnavigate the state of Oklahoma. As I have mentioned before I would like to drive around the entire state of[…]