S.C.A.R.R! (Post #455) 2/26/2014

I registered this morning for the yearly South Central Area Rover Rally, aka SCARR. I’ve been meaning to attend this event for the last three years. But as things are, something always comes up, vehicle problems, family problems, failing to plan. What’s that old saying?


Well that stings a bit, but it’s accurate. So this year I sorted out the weekend, announced I was going, got funding to go, invited a friend to go with me, in short, I made plans to go. 

I’ve never been to a Land Rover Rally. It is one of the parts of this hobby/lifestyle that I have missed. I’m an enthusiast, I promote the brand, I contribute to the community on my website and Land Rover message boards. So the natural extension is now to actually go be with people who are like-minded and enjoy their company, even if they are Texans (just kidding of course).

I’ve done some off-roading in my day. It was mostly with the United States Marine Corps in 6×6 trucks hauling artillery shells around behind howitzers. I’ve been off-road with the Range Rover a few times but I can’t say I’ve ever really done any trail rides. To be honest, I’ve never thought my Range Rover was up to the task. This year is different. If that Range Rover can’t go in its current state, it’s never going to go.

I have two very ambitious trips planned for the Range Rover, Circumnavigating Oklahoma and crossing the state on dirt roads only. Those trips are going to require the Range Rover be self-sufficient. I am not planning to take anyone other than Mrs. Okierover with me on the circumnavigation. Pastor Nick and Mr. Fisher have stated they are “all in” on the dirt road crossing trip.

Short of having my passengers the trips are “unsupported”. Unlike the corporately sponsored trips there will not be a support vehicle outfitted with parts and manned with mechanically inclined staff. This will be Land Rover versus road, “Land Rover frente a la carretera” if you will. Yes, mano y mano. If that second mano is actually a series of paved and unpaved roads barely maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and a few dozen county governments. And the first mano being myself in the greatest 4x4xfar.

Bill Burke

The good news for this trip is the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area is going to be full of Land Rover folks. IF I do manage to break something, there will be dozens of people to help me get the Big White Bus back on the road. I also get to attend a lecture or two by the famous Bill Burke.

Mr. Fisher is keen to just hang out in the woods and take it easy for a few days so that will make the trip extra special. If the “bunny trails” don’t thrill us we haven’t really set our bar too high. Our wives will get some “alone time” and we get male-bonding with high caloric food and the fumes of burning fossil fuels and horsepower. It has the makings of a double jumbo bonus weekend.

I get to promote my Okierover.com site and the future Red Dirt Rovers site too. I need to get some cards printed up so I don’t have to spell the website names a few hundred times that weekend. I’m also going to get some vinyl letters and put the website URL on the Big White Bus.

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I’ve got my CB radio ordered. I’m making mental lists of kit to bring. I need to test my stove and check out my tent…so much to do…so little planning.

failing to plan

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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  1. Hi Steve — I am planning to attend SCARR with my two sons. I parked next to you at Lowe’s so looking forward to meeting you and come other owners that weekend!

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