Capulin Volcano and the Northwest Passage 2016, Part One

I really wanted to get out on the trail this fall and I felt like it was my turn to plan and lead a trip. I looked for a non-OU-Football weekend and found two one in September and one in November. The initial inspiration for the Capulin Volcano trip was seeing a similar trip in OutdoorX4 magazine. We had some interest in the trip from several people in the Oklahoma Land Rover Owners group but in the end only two of us made the commitment to the overland adventure.

Day One

Mr. Fisher and I got the Big White Bus loaded and started out on a pleasant Saturday morning and headed to our rendezvous with Erik O’Neal and his Discovery 2 in Okarche, Oklahoma. […]

Back to the Future

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. My son, Diet Mountain Drew, works at the OnCue on Flood in Norman. When he was leaving the other day a special treat rolled up. Yes, that is a replica Delorean outfitted like the famous auto from the Back to the Future franchise. Diet Mountain Drew said[…]

SCARR – Day One

The South Central Area Rover Rally was finally upon us. Leading in to it, I have had the worst two weeks professionally in my career. My wife has been my rock through it all and wanted me to get away for a trip. Mr. Fisher’s life recently has not been a cake walk either and Mrs. Fisher was also happy to see him out of the house doing something fun.

I’m going to stop here and thank both of them. You two are the best wives any two guys could possibly have. Your support to us is never-ending and we are very appreciative. Thank you.

wp-1395932045690Thursday started cold and blustery in Norman. Mr. Fisher and I organized our kit and got it loaded on to the Range Rover. It seemed like a lot of kit for a three-day event but we wanted to be comfortable. Even with all the kit we managed to forget several items: […]

What is wrong with me?

The answer to the question “What is wrong with me?” can be partly answered by reading James Ruppert’s post on Hemmings Daily. He seems to have nailed what is wrong with all of us who drive or want to some day drive the classic automobile that is sitting in their garage. James Ruppert writes for Bangernomics.He has[…]

Beautiful Automobiles

1937 Delahaye 135MS Roadster One of my favorite bloggers, NavyOne at the Mellow Jihadi posted a link to an Art Deco era car slideshow back in July, 2013. Those are some beautiful cars. My favorite is the one I’ve posted, the 1937 Delahaye 135MS. The online article refers to the autos as “sensual”. I couldn’t agree more.More[…]

Classic Iron

You don’t see this everyday.It was beautiful. Roof rack, immaculate paint, and the driver had a smile on his face you couldn’t wipe off with an angle grinder. I’m afraid to ask what it cost to restore it. Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.