1.87 for Fuel

Rewards cards are just that a reward. Used my gas savings card after a large grocery shop and got 28$(US) off a tank of fuel. I like that very much. Almost half price. Summer is here its 95 F. Should be like that all week. Maybe its time to get the A/C recharged. Thank for[…]

Ethanol Woes

I was visiting the RangeRovers.net forums and a discussion about Miles Per Gallon came up.http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/8-range-rover-classic/48362-mpg-huge-drop-down.html If you follow my Twitter account you’ve seen me rail against ethanol. My main gripe is not alcohol damaging my engine. It is using food for fuel. The cost of food in America is going up. I believe some of[…]