1.87 for Fuel (Post #493) 5/4/2014


Rewards cards are just that a reward. Used my gas savings card after a large grocery shop and got 28$(US) off a tank of fuel. I like that very much. Almost half price.

Summer is here its 95 F. Should be like that all week. Maybe its time to get the A/C recharged.

Thank for reading and Happy Filing Up Rovering.

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  1. I was asked on my Okierover Facebook page if I had ever considered LPG. Answer: Yes I have. I would have to do the work my self because of the age of the Range Rover. No conversion company would touch it. I have also considered a diesel swap. Both of these solutions have costs that push the investment recovery out to around six years. So its not economically feasible right now.

  2. wow.. you cut the price of gas in half! What was the situation? What grocery store, and what is their deal? The most I’ve heard of here in Southern California is 20 cents a gallon, and that is the maximum discount at Vons.

  3. So when we buy groceries at Homeland we get fuel reward points. At most its twenty-five cents off if you spend 300 dollars. Sometimes they have extra savings on some products. This week there were some quick heat meals in a bag (PF Changs and Benelli’s) that had an additional 10 cents off per gallon. I bought eight of them. So .80 cents off plus the fuel reward points. Bingo. One tank of 1.87 fuel.

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