Happy Pi Day 3/14/15 9:26:53:59 (Post #530) 3/14/2015


Today we celebrate Pi Day. Without π we would have to calculate the circumference of our wheels and tires and the cubic inches of our motors with some other more primitive method.

Today we get to extend Pi out with the date and time to eleven places.

3/14/15 9:26:53.59

Happy Pi Day Everyone.

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Mmmmm pie.

Bigfoot Talisman (Post #510) 8/30/2014


I saw this fused glass Bigfoot at the Midsummer’s Night Fair a couple of weeks ago.  I was there to see the Oh! Johnny Girls.


They were as awesome as I expected them to be. But the Bigfoot Talisman haunted me on the bicycle ride home. I told Mr. Fisher that it was imparitive that I get one for the Big White Bus.

So I checked with Mrs. Fisher who had very adepty stalked them and hooked me up with them on Facebook. I found out they were setting up at the Oklahoma City Arts Festival. I dragged Mrs. Okierover to the festival to pick up a fused glass Oklahoma necklace for her and my talisman.


They both look great and now when go down to Southeast Oklahoma to cruise the back roads like outlaws, we won’t have any trouble with Bigfoot due to the supreme mojo of the talisman.


I urge you to check out Jim Shelley’s work. I know you will see something you like. And if you want protection from Bigfoot while in the bush, this is the only place you can get a fused glass Bigfoot Talisman.

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1.87 for Fuel (Post #493) 5/4/2014


Rewards cards are just that a reward. Used my gas savings card after a large grocery shop and got 28$(US) off a tank of fuel. I like that very much. Almost half price.

Summer is here its 95 F. Should be like that all week. Maybe its time to get the A/C recharged.

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You Don’t See That Everyday (Post #488) 4/22/2014

While I wait for my new starter to arrive, I am sharing the Honda CR-V with Mrs. Okierover. Me and the dogs needed some supplies (pronounced “Soo-plies”) so I took the CR-V down to my local Wright’s IGA to pick up some dog food and some Mexican Coca-cola‘s (made with real sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup, aka real Coke not New Coke). When I pulled into the parking lot I spied an odd vehicle. So naturally, I went over to see it. When I got there William Patterson was climbing in.

I told him I thought what he had done was fun and I asked him about the mostly baseball-themed pickup truck.  “I’ve been collecting this stuff for 40 years.” he said. As you can see from the picture his truck has all manner of baseball memorabilia glue to it, piled in the back, and stuffed inside. The dashboard had no less than 20 baseballs on it and no room for a passenger of any kind in the front or rear seats.

He went on to tell me that he owned two such trucks and a trailer that were all decorated. “I just love baseball.” he said. You can see that his taste also extends to football and basketball and even local politics a bit.

I just had to take a picture of someone who loves something so much to do this, after all I was there to buy Mexi-Coke, something I love more than American Coke. And for the record, a litero at IGA is 1.13$(US). The same bottle at the little mercado down the street is 2.00$(US) including tax and 2.18$(US) at Speeding Bullet Comics. At least Speeding Bullet has their’s in a refrigerated case.

Show some passion for something would ya?!?

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The Hierarchy of Camping (Post #483) 4/17/2014

I was reading the Semi-Rad Blog and saw a really great post on camping.

The Hierarchy of Camping

When Mr. Fisher and I were packing for our recent trip to S.C.A.R.R. 2014 I had genuine concerns about how much gear we were packing. In my humble opinion we had a lot of camping gear. All of it was designed to make our trip comfortable. For me this smacks of glamping but before you throw us under the Range Rover let me explain.

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America Explained in One Minute (Post #482) 4/16/2014

I was reading the Just A Car Guy Blog (btw, you should too) and caught his post. The first video you are about to see is a brief explanation of America. Actor Neal McDonough explains why we are driven. The video is ultimately an advert for the new Cadillac ELR, a car I will never own nor probably ride in. The second is Ford’s “sustainable” response. Another car I will never own.

There are a couple of great lines in there. Enjoy.

http://youtu.be/qGJSI48gkFc Video has been removed….damn.

Ford’s reply.

All this has me thinking I should make a Land Rover version…maybe I will.

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