FINALLY!! Some Common Sense from Washington, D.C.

One of my home state senators, Tom Coburn, has introduced a bill to get rid of the Renewable Fuel Standard ethanol requirement. As stated by the senator, “This misguided policy has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, increased fuel prices and made our food more expensive. Eliminating this mandate will let market forces, rather than political[…]

Gas Prices

What the hell?So gas prices have dropped below 2.00$(US) this weekend. 1.87$ was seen on the east side of Norman at a 7 Eleven for ethanol. That’s just insane. I think the American consumer has seen the light and has cut their consumption. But are the prices a product of reduced consumption or a failing[…]

Tune up time…Dammit

The next person I hear say the reason for the high gas prices is high demand, gets a good ol’fashioned hole stomped in the middle of them, which I will then proceed to walk dry. It’s not demand…it’s the F@#%ing speculators. Seriously, 90% of drivers are doing the same thing they do everyday, drive to[…]