FINALLY!! Some Common Sense from Washington, D.C. (Post #420) 12/12/2013

One of my home state senators, Tom Coburn, has introduced a bill to get rid of the Renewable Fuel Standard ethanol requirement. As stated by the senator,

“This misguided policy has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, increased fuel prices and made our food more expensive. Eliminating this mandate will let market forces, rather than political and parochial forces, determine how to diversify fuel supplies in an ever-changing marketplace. I’m grateful my colleagues on both sides on the aisle are prepared to take this long-overdue step to protect consumers and taxpayers from artificially high fuel and food prices.”

You could not be more right Senator. And to put the cherry on the cake the Left-est of the Left Senator Frankenstine Finklestein Feinstein of California Über Alles is a co-signer! Who said congress was unable to work stuff out?

Of course this is a long way from passing. And the effin’ president will probably kow-tow to the mother trucking-tree-hugging-special-interest-save-the-planet types. But at least they are trying. Who could be against cheaper food and fuel? Idea-logistic morons, that’s who.

Yes, that is a long line of US Marines.

We’ve been on the wrong side of bills before.

Like when this crap legislation was passed the first time.

To say this bill was a HUGE handout to oil and gas companies and the energy sector would be an understatement. It was meant to subsidize their activities and it did. It originally even exempted oil companies from disclosing what chemicals were used in their fracturing fluid and exempted them all from the Clean Water and Clean Air acts. This was later repealed.

One thing this bill did do was increase production and today we are better off than ever due to advances in technology. Unfortunately this bill also had an unintended consequence of causing food prices to go up. Which helped farmers get higher prices for their corn but cost us all with higher food prices.

So let us all hope this bill passes isn’t amended too many times and stuffed full of pork for the states and gets passed. I’ve been against this from the start and dearly hope it passes. Interestingly enough Hilary Clinton was against it and Barrack Obama as a senator from Illinois was FOR IT. Funny how times have changed.

Hopefully the suede-denim secret police will stay away and we can get this legislation passed.
Thanks for reading, contact your representatives, and Happy Ethanol-free Rovering.

Just Say No To Ethanol, Again (Post #312) 1/12/2013

Like the sign says, don’t pay too much. Apparently this 7-Eleven believes its a huge conspiracy to charge more for gasoline than for ethanol. I couldn’t agree more.

On principle I have a problem with turning anything we can eat into fuel. Especially if it takes more fuel than it nets to get the product. It seems counter productive. I’m also against farm subsidies for giant corporate farms, like the ones that sell their corn to refineries to make ethanol.

I know that might be counter intuitive and all living in a farm state like Oklahoma. But I think more than a hand out our farmers wish they had a level play field and less government control. We’ll see I guess.

The price for straight petrol was just one cent more than the ethanol. And if we review the reduced gas mileage of ethanol and the possible fuel system and engine problems that’s a bargain. I’ve swore off of all ethanol and if more people would, the ethanol production would stop because it wouldn’t be profitable to make it any longer.

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Well, that’s my thoughts on the matter anyway.

Gas Prices (Post #111) 11/04/2008

What the hell?
So gas prices have dropped below 2.00$(US) this weekend. 1.87$ was seen on the east side of Norman at a 7 Eleven for ethanol. That’s just insane. I think the American consumer has seen the light and has cut their consumption. But are the prices a product of reduced consumption or a failing market that is in total free fall?

I would like to believe that the American consumer is going to stop letting the oil industry rape them openly like they did last summer. We shall see if the prices stay in the “reasonable” range through the spring. As summer comes and the magic chemicals are needed for the switch to summer gasoline we’ll see if the bastards try to jack up the prices again. I predict they will.

I will continue to car pool as it has allowed me to save a great deal of money. I drive just one week a month now. And if the prices stay down then I’m only spending 45$(US) to get myself to work for a month. In a small way, I feel like I’m sticking it to the oil industry. And I hope they notice.

I didn’t know celebrities actually pumped their own gas. But they do, who’da figured. Mena Suvari knows her gas pumps.

Tune up time…Dammit (Post #90) 5/28/2008

The next person I hear say the reason for the high gas prices is high demand, gets a good ol’fashioned hole stomped in the middle of them, which I will then proceed to walk dry.

It’s not demand…it’s the F@#%ing speculators. Seriously, 90% of drivers are doing the same thing they do everyday, drive to work. Where’s the increased demand? It’s all bull shit.

As many of you Land Rover fans have discovered, 4$(US) per gallon gasoline and the SUV lifestyle do not have positive affects on your wallet. It’s been so bad that I have actually started to car pool again. Something I never thought I’d have to do again.

I car pooled back in the early 2000s when gasoline was a halcyon 1.65$(US) a gallon and we thought we were getting raped with those prices. When I changed jobs (and buildings) I stopped. But now I am back in that building and have two other guys in my car pool. With this car pooling I have had to give up my beloved books on tape and my quiet time each day. But it has saved us a lot of money so far.

So when the Atlantic British catalog came in the mail and the gas mileage on the Disco dropping below 14mpg and the price of petrol inching toward outrageous amounts the perfect storm of common sense and dammit I’ll do it have come together.

We are taking a vacation out to Huntington Beach to visit some friends this summer. And we have decided to drive. Mostly because the price of flying and renting a car is completely outrageous. And besides, who wants to be trapped in a plane, in coach, with a hundred other unhappy flyers for four hours plus airport lay-overs?

Answer: That would not be anyone one named OkieRover, nor any of his spawn.

We have two choices of transportation to Kalifornia.
A 2003 Land Rover Discovery SE or a 2002 Ford Taurus
Lets compare… Pros and Cons

Disco – roomy, not as roomy as a 1993 Range Rover LWB but I don’t have the money or time to convince my wife we should take the Rangie to Kali.
Taurus – not roomy, not at all
Disco – comfortable leather seats
Taurus – probably the most uncomfortable seats in any car known to man with the possible exception of the Mustang I ride in one out of three weeks to work
Disco – individual climate controlled environment and rear air
Taurus – two temperatures in the front, hot or cold, one temp in the back, hot
Disco – 14-15mpg on a good day on the highway
Taurus – 32-36mpg on the highway at 90+. We know that because we drove it to Denver one Thanksgiving and my son ratted my wife out for going 100mph while I was napping. We got really good mileage on that trip.

So as you can see it’s an easy choice and we have a clear winner. We are taking the Disco. Besides just think of all the great things we would miss if we flew on our way out to see Marty Moose:


Most of the New Mexican desert
Most of the Arizonan desert
The Grand Canyon
Las Vegas
29 Palms Military Reservation
Los Angeles traffic
San Diego
Padres baseball
Yuma, Arizona
Roswell, NM

And missing the chance to hear my son coin a new phrase describing Kalifornians and their driving abilities. Floridiots was his last entry from our 2005 vacation to Ft. Myers.

Yeah okay, I’ll give ya the fact it’s gonna be a long boring drive. But who wants to miss the Mother Road?

51ZK07AT8YLYeah, that’s what I thought you’d say…but we’re still gonna drive.

So nearly 500$(US) later and we have new sparky plugs, plug wires, and oxygen sensors on the way to get the Disco tuned up for the long drive. Now if I can just avoid ethanol on the way out there we should be able to get there in comfort. Making food into fuel is stupid. It’s made the cost of food go up and everyone that voted for it in congress needs a red hot poker up the tail pipe. Yeah I’m kinda passionate about that. Maybe I’ll blog about that in the future.
Hopefully we can get 16-18mpg while we enjoy each other’s close quarters company in a Land Rover heading west like so many of our relatives did 75 years ago.

But this time we are bringing cash and riding in style.
Go ahead call us Okies, we’ll just smile and yep, we sure are.
Thanks for reading and happy rovering.

June 6th, 2004 (Post #46)

June 6th, 2004
Air Conditioning
JagGuy’s daughter had complained that there was no A/C in the Black Rangie so
he endeavored to repair it. So being as I wanted my A/C to work as well, mostly because
the wifey complained that it wasn’t working. I decided to prod him a bit and we worked
on the trucks one past Sunday. Thinking I was in for an expensive repair and I expected to
spend at least $300(US) I was amazed when I had cold air coming out of my vents just $40 later. Read about it HERE

The cats are back to rattling but I am mostly ignoring them.

The Big White Bus has not been idling as of late and a fellow at the Pirate 4×4 board reminded
me about the idler control valve, which gets sooty after awhile and must be cleaned. I had forgotten about that. As I posted, this happens every year and I seem to forget, every year, how I fixed it the last time I had the problem.

How about them gas prices? Wow who would’ve figured that kind of price hike. Funny when things happen in other states to production facilities our prices go up. It’s strange because our gas plants here were not affected. You can go down and look at where your gas is made in Wynnewood Oklahoma. Very strange indeed. The only good news in all of this is tax revenues are up. I wonder what they’ll blow it on this year?

It is a time of mourning in our nation as The Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan has passed away. Prayers go out to the family for their comfort. Thank you sir for giving us back the pride we have as Americans.