Gas Prices (Post #111) 11/04/2008

What the hell?
So gas prices have dropped below 2.00$(US) this weekend. 1.87$ was seen on the east side of Norman at a 7 Eleven for ethanol. That’s just insane. I think the American consumer has seen the light and has cut their consumption. But are the prices a product of reduced consumption or a failing market that is in total free fall?

I would like to believe that the American consumer is going to stop letting the oil industry rape them openly like they did last summer. We shall see if the prices stay in the “reasonable” range through the spring. As summer comes and the magic chemicals are needed for the switch to summer gasoline we’ll see if the bastards try to jack up the prices again. I predict they will.

I will continue to car pool as it has allowed me to save a great deal of money. I drive just one week a month now. And if the prices stay down then I’m only spending 45$(US) to get myself to work for a month. In a small way, I feel like I’m sticking it to the oil industry. And I hope they notice.

I didn’t know celebrities actually pumped their own gas. But they do, who’da figured. Mena Suvari knows her gas pumps.