Prep for Welding (Post #636) 12/23/2023

Filler hose

In this post I explore the rust under the passenger side fender well. It was my intension to WELD this weekend. Unfortunately I absent-mindedly did not turn off the shielding gas and the tank was empty. Major bummer.

So I took time to get the fender ready. I also cut my patches. I also installed the new gas tank filler hoses and my new gas cap. How exciting! It wasn’t.

I cut the fender rust out of the part where the body mount is. Turned out it was just the outer skin that had rust. I cleaned up the rusty metal underneath and will paint it with the magic rust-encapsulating-paint before I weld the patch for the fender back in place. Why Land Rover didn’t bother to try and keep rust out of there is still a mystery to me. It’s like they WANT their vehicles to rust out. What kind of a sales strategy is that?

I’ll need to get more shielding gas this week. However there is really NO RUSH because Christmas is this week and the house will be filled with people and very little in the way of rust repair will get done.

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Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering and Merry Christmas from the Okierover family.

Merry Christmas from Okierover (Post #521) 12/25/2014

Mr. and Mrs. OkieRover want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Temps on the southern plains today to be in the upper 50’s not much reason to need 4×4 today to get to Christmas dinner. We might have some snowflakes tomorrow but they won’t stay long.

Once again, Merry Christmas to all of you, thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Okierover (Post #449) 2/14/2014

Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Okierover.


arriving-lgI can’t wait until our days are consumed by driving a rig like this one on the left. Driving from one great camp spot to the next. Eating chocolate. Sipping coffee and Coca-Cola, and watching the sun set. Our biggest concern being whether or not our camp site has sufficient wi-fi so we can Skype with our grand children.

It’s gonna be so freakin’ awesome.

I love you.

To everyone else, if you forgot today was Valentine’s Day and you have a special someone out there, make a gesture of one kind or another to them. Time is short.

Happy Valentine’s Day, thanks for reading, follow the blog by clicking one of the links, and Happy Rovering.


Vacation Planning Time (Post #446) 2/7/2014

It’s time to start your vacation planning. I know it’s only February, but if you plan to see any of our great national parks, you need to start now. Reservations are necessary if you plan to stay in any of the park’s resorts. A budget for your trip is necessary. Dude, there is a serious lot to do, get started!

Mrs. Okierover and I went on a 3900 miles trek to Glacier National Park with another couple back in August of 2012. It was amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t post a story about it. If I did, I can’t seem to find it. I will have to recreate the posts and get it up on this page. It was an epic trip and a very good time for all.

In any event we went to one of the most gorgeous places on earth, Glacier National Park. Today ran a time-lapse video of the Going to the Sun Road. I stumbled upon a video someone posted on website for Glacier National Park. There are a great many links to click in there. Here is a short video (01:18) about the park by Joe Nugent.

Mrs. Okierover and I have talked about going back as have our friends. Their schedules did not align well last year or they would have gone again in 2013. We have a few trips ahead of this one. We have talked about going out to California again. We have talked about going to Massachusetts. We have talked about going out to Washington, DC again. And Mrs. Okierover has always wanted to visit a beach with clear water. I’m thinking this will be The Keys in Florida. Hawaii, Guam, Australia, Brasil,…etc…

The list of places we want to go is almost endless. Most of these trips will need to wait until we retire. The time and funding is just not there right now. Such is the fate of a middle class drone in America.

Start planning, thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.


Festivus for the Rest of Us (Post #424) 12/23/2013

Happy Festivus Everyone!

I have posted on Festivus before. I reviewed that post in preparing for this post. I re-read my list of Grievances and decided I would let them all stand as is. Other than this ONE THING, I don’t have anything Land Rover related to complain about so I’ll just leave it at that. What happened to the “Rover Wave“? ( No one in my hometown acknowledges each other driving Land Rovers. Now I did see a black Range Rover on East Alameda this fall who waved. He was driving a Classic so it was expected. So maybe my complaint is with all those who drive the “new” Land Rovers.

So with the traditional Airing of Grievances out of the way, its on to the Feats of Strength! With that, I have noticed lately that I am not nearly as strong as I once was. Just the other day I was trying to extract a bad starter from my son-in-law’s Jeep. I couldn’t get the bolts out. This was partly due to over all weakness but in my defense the designers down at Jeep don’t want their starters out. They pack them into very cramped spaces and layer the exhaust and the front drive shaft under them. Getting weaker is kinda disappointing. Maybe in two or three more years +Diet Mountain Drew or +RovErica or +Fireball aka Tater’s Mom will be able to pin me.

So here’s to Festivus. May this holiday bring you all the joy the other holidays fail to provide.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Rovering and Happy Festivus.

Where is everyone? (Post #407) 11/6/2013

This is the 42nd block of North Western in Oklahoma City. If you are a familiar with this block you have Beck’s Garage on one side of the street on the other you have VZD’s. I eat lunch at VZD’s every Monday. FYI: If you want to talk Land Rovers look for me on a bar stool between 11am and Noon.

I have never pulled up there before and seen it so empty. Not a single car in the parking lot or on the street in front. Very odd. So I snapped a picture.

Next door to VZD’s is a “salon/day spa”. So normally there is at least one or two cars parked there for the women who “do” salons/day spas. And normally Teresa Wall is parked out front as well. Teresa owns 42nd Street Candy Company. This is where I stop and pick up those fancy chocolates and candies that gets me nominated for Husband of the Year by Mrs. Okierover. I highly recommend you stop in and say hi to Teresa and get some bon-bons. You won’t regret it.

This neighborhood is known as Crown Heights. My biological mother lived at the corner of N.W. 39th and Western before I was born. How do you know that? Good question! I looked her up on the old Criss-Cross directory at the Oklahoma City Public Library. I was probably conceived in the apartment there above the house. (You probably didn’t need to know that.)

I’ve always loved this neighborhood and the great old homes found between Shartel and Western. One house on N.W. 41st street has a terracotta dragon sitting on top of the chimney.

Back to the Range Rover. I’ve got a very noisy left front spring. I think I’ll need to get it up on a lift and look at what’s going on. It’s annoying and since I just got those springs under there I should find out why it’s making those noises. Every thing else is going well so far.

I am going to the Battle of Honey Springs this weekend. So the Range Rover is going on a long drive Friday after work. I’m going to take the “Blue Highways” instead of the interstate. I’ve been listening to William Least Heap-Moon’s Blue Highways from I’m enjoying it very much and thinking of a similar trip for some day in the future.

I used the roof rack as a platform to take a picture of our Halloween Block Party. Paradigm Church has had a trunk-or-treat set up each of the last two years. We set up games for the kids and hand out candy. We are getting quite the reputation for our “carnival”. We even have a competition between the bible study groups who theme their trunks each year.

My team has won both years. Last year we had a panel of judges, this year we let the kids/parents decide. We decorated as pirates the first year complete with a cardboard pirate ship and this year we had a Despicable Me (2013) themed trunk. We built a Gru-mobile and the shrink ray from the movies.

Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect.

Good grief that post was all over the place! I could have made it two, perhaps three different posts.
Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.