Festivus for the Rest of Us (Post #424) 12/23/2013

Happy Festivus Everyone!

I have posted on Festivus before. I reviewed that post in preparing for this post. I re-read my list of Grievances and decided I would let them all stand as is. Other than this ONE THING, I don’t have anything Land Rover related to complain about so I’ll just leave it at that. What happened to the “Rover Wave“? (okoffroad.com) No one in my hometown acknowledges each other driving Land Rovers. Now I did see a black Range Rover on East Alameda this fall who waved. He was driving a Classic so it was expected. So maybe my complaint is with all those who drive the “new” Land Rovers.

So with the traditional Airing of Grievances out of the way, its on to the Feats of Strength! With that, I have noticed lately that I am not nearly as strong as I once was. Just the other day I was trying to extract a bad starter from my son-in-law’s Jeep. I couldn’t get the bolts out. This was partly due to over all weakness but in my defense the designers down at Jeep don’t want their starters out. They pack them into very cramped spaces and layer the exhaust and the front drive shaft under them. Getting weaker is kinda disappointing. Maybe in two or three more years +Diet Mountain Drew or +RovErica or +Fireball aka Tater’s Mom will be able to pin me.

So here’s to Festivus. May this holiday bring you all the joy the other holidays fail to provide.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Rovering and Happy Festivus.