Why is this so cool? (Post #114) 11/19/2008

Why is this cool?
Maybe it isn’t cool. I think it’s pretty cool. I was watching the TV the other night and Billy Joel said on TLC American Chopper that, “he liked the way old things looked and how new things worked”. If you drive a Land Rover Series or FC and perhaps even a Range Rover Classic you know how Billy feels.

Here is a pic of Billy’s Indian Bobber that they built. Classic lines, old styling, and all of it BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW.

Every time I get in my Range Rover Classic I think about all the fun stuff I could do to her to make her better. Sadly the budget is not there for any of it. But it’s fun to dream. Its almost more fun to think of the potential than to actually work on it.

Why don’t auto makers go with this idea of old looking new stuff? You can buy a refrigerator that looks like it just came off the appliance showroom floor circa 1957 that is brand new.

I’ve been collecting up all the old camping stuff from my mom’s house. What a great task it’s been to decide if that stuff can be used or just stored? I spent 6 hours restoring the old family ice cream maker. Hell no it doesn’t have an electric motor…it’s manual only! The way God intended ice cream to be made. How many of your family households had the rule if you don’t turn the handle you don’t get any ice cream?

So while I wallow in the past, my children are hell bent for leather to obtain the latest and greatest of everything out there. A co-worker and I were reminiscing about how we missed our old bag cell phones. You didn’t drop calls. You didn’t have 3000 features you have no idea how to use. No texting, no internet. Hell I didn’t even program the three pre-programable buttons. I only knew three people with cell phones in their cars an 95% of my calls were to my home number or by buddy’s cell phone.
It was just phone calls, from your car. Simple, functional, yet modern.

So the next time you see a Series or if you are lucky enough to drive one on a daily basis, think of us poor schlubs who wish they had one. Think of your favorite tortured blogging anachronist that longs for a time when things seemed simpler. Well they seem simpler to us in this modern time anyway.

Gone are the days…awwww crap…I gotta go my kids are texting me from their bedrooms asking what we are having for dinner tonight.

Have a Good Day and Happy Rovering.