The Land Rover Wave

waveThe Land Rover wave has been debated for a long time. ran a survey about it. 78% of people wave. That kind of data is only a sign that people who are passionate about Land Rovers visit Land Rover sites and some of those people like to acknowledge other owners.

The graphic at the left was on several Facebook posts this week. I want a Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Owners to name two. It demonstrates that it is mandatory to wave.

The bottom line, Land Rover Enthusiasts wave. I am an enthusiast. So if you are driving the opposite way on the road you will likely see me wave. These are my observations about the people who wave back.  […]

Sooooo Incredibly Busy

I thought I’d drop a note so you would know I’m not dead. I’ve been really busy with work and school. I completed the fundamentals for Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt (Strong America Now) over the last three weekends. I’ll finish my Green Belt project this summer. My SQL Server (Wikipedia) class at Oklahoma City Community College class is starting[…]

That’s a lot

As another semester comes to a close and I can get back on addressing some of the issues on the Range Rover, primarily the traction control and anti-lock brake system, I was asked about the enrollment of the University of Oklahoma and which university in America has the highest population of students. A quick Google[…]