The Land Rover Wave (Post #450) 2/17/2014

waveThe Land Rover wave has been debated for a long time. ran a survey about it. 78% of people wave. That kind of data is only a sign that people who are passionate about Land Rovers visit Land Rover sites and some of those people like to acknowledge other owners.

The graphic at the left was on several Facebook posts this week. I want a Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Owners to name two. It demonstrates that it is mandatory to wave.

The bottom line, Land Rover Enthusiasts wave. I am an enthusiast. So if you are driving the opposite way on the road you will likely see me wave. These are my observations about the people who wave back. 

If the driver is a MALE and is

  • driving a Range Rover Classic they will wave.
  • driving a Discovery I they will wave.
  • driving a Defender or Series they will wave.
  • driving a modified for off-road use Land Rover of any kind, they will wave.

You may have noticed I said MALE. Women never wave, never. I did get a “smile” from a woman Discovery driver once.

I don’t get waves from these types of Land Rover drivers.

  • Any new model Range Rover or LR3 or LR4.
  • Any Land Rover driven by a girl of college or high school age.

Using the data above its easy to draw a line and know the enthusiasts from the non-enthusiasts. I’ve begun only waving to those I think will wave back. I will even chat a fellow owner up when ever I meet one in a parking lot. But I limit it to the above types of vehicles. I learned some people are not chatty about their Land Rovers.

I tried to chat up a former University of Oklahoma Men’s Basketball coach who was a Range Rover driver. I had just shelled out several HUNDRED DOLLARS for his basketball camp and was driving a Range Rover and he was a total dick to me. Turns out Jeff Capel was dick to everyone. I saw him in our Target after he had been fired. The University of Oklahoma and the City of Norman was done with his terrible coaching and he showed it on his face.

Wow, that turned ugly. Lets get back on track. Recognize your fellow Land Rover drivers. It’s polite, it’s expected, and you might make a new friend.

Thanks for waving, thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.