Garage Day: Titanium Hitch and His New to Him Ford

Another Saturday, another Garage Day. Wrenching on a old truck with your best friends in the middle of rural farm country is as American as America gets. This time the patient was Titanium Hitch’s 1998 F-150. According to TH the truck had been running pretty rough. It was in bad need of a tune up.[…]


Yeah me. So I just finished the plug wires and spark plug replacement. It was just as bad as everyone said it would be.I have pictures and a write up coming. But first…I have to list for you the codes my Rover threw when I started her up.P1884P1451P0414P1482P0445P0448P0102P1590P0340P1451P0134P0154One of those is the wheel sensor. I[…]