Figured out the Codes Problem (Post #98) 6/26/2008

I hate it when problems like this occur. Well I got the wiring diagram off the Rave CD and started looking at it. The Engine Management fuse in the fuse box under the hood was blowing. That made some sense as I read through the Engine Management section of the workshop manual. Everything listed in the codes was on each of the subsequent pages under Engine management. So I went to the wiring diagram and the first thing the fuse went to was the mass airflow circuit.
I remembered all the wires under the intake and decided to investigate and found a wire mashed between the secondary air input and the intake.

I diagrammed it in this picture. If you put the intake back in the middle of the picture. That bracket had the wire under it.
I am so relieved that I found the problem. We just couldn’t afford to send the Disco to the repair shop right now.
It must be noted also that I swapped the plugs and wires on my Range Rover Classic tonight. It took less than an hour. Total time on the Disco…9 hours plus.
I’m pretty sure Satan himself designed that engine bay.
Read about the wire replacement here.