Footpad Repair (Post #595) 2/24/2022

Some time ago I noticed the footpad on my inner fender well would droop when I rested my foot on it. In the beginning I would just put my foot under it and lift it back up. But one day when doing that the footpad broke away from the fender well.

The bolts holding the footpad in place had rust welded to the fender well. So when I was lifting it back into place I was actually bending the fender well pieces, much like you wiggle a wire rapidly to break it. As I’ve said before I really have become accustom to resting my foot on the pad and I wanted it fixed.

So I took some time and investigated and repaired it. I used a Dremel tool with a 60 grit grinding wheel and got as much rust off the inner and outer fender well. While I was behind the quarter panel I also ground off some surface rust.

Once I had it all ground down, I applied some acid etching primer to the metal surfaces. I know it won’t last forever, but maybe it will slow down the rust.

Thanks for reading and watching the video. It’s low quality but hopefully entertaining.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Garage Day: Exhaust Leak? (Post #434) 1/16/2014

Once I’d placed the Flex-a-lite sticker on the window, you know, to improve the off-road-ability, we fired her up for testing of the new fans. At once, EGD said something about an exhaust leak. I guess he hadn’t really ever noticed the tick-tick-tick before.

I told him I thought there was a leak right where the previous shop welded up the exhaust last time. I believed it to be a crack at the weld. The tell-tale signs of a leak were not present. Normally you see a black soot deposit on the exterior of the exhaust.

We put the Range Rover up on some ramps and crawled underneath. I pointed out where I thought the leak was. EGD was skeptical but I assured him that was the most likely spot. We inspected the exhaust and found nothing else visible.

With flash to show location of welding.
Welding is cool.

So EGD welded it up. I fired her up and she was noticeably quieter. Its amazing to me that a friend will climb under your truck and attempt to catch himself on fire for me. Such a great friend. This will put off me buying a new stainless steel exhaust for at least the rest of this year.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.