Vacation Planning Time

It’s time to start your vacation planning. I know it’s only February, but if you plan to see any of our great national parks, you need to start now. Reservations are necessary if you plan to stay in any of the park’s resorts. A budget for your trip is necessary. Dude, there is a serious[…]


As Wally from USMC81 said… Time for a little R&R. The jellyfish are out in force on day one. I hear that’s normal for North Padre Island. Stingrays are out too, but we haven’t seen any. We did see a very large sea turtle, at least 3 foot on the shell. SPF 30 is not[…]

Tune up time…Dammit

The next person I hear say the reason for the high gas prices is high demand, gets a good ol’fashioned hole stomped in the middle of them, which I will then proceed to walk dry. It’s not demand…it’s the F@#%ing speculators. Seriously, 90% of drivers are doing the same thing they do everyday, drive to[…]