Back from Vacation (Post #100) 7/25/2008

The long circuitous vacation trek has been completed. We managed to make it from Oklahoma to the Grand Canyon, across the Hoover dam, to Las Vegas, on to Huntington Beach, down to San Diego and home via the southern route through Arizona and New Mexico. The pictures are not yet categorized so I’ll get to get a more visually pleasing post together in the days to come.
The worries about the transmission service did not materialize into anything. The gas mileage was a little better than average. The low was a miserable 12.2, which I’m not entirely sure the tank filled correctly. To a high of 16.4. Which was pretty nice.
We went up and down the mountains in New Mexico and Arizona with out a single hitch. I was worried about over heating the transmission on the climbs but it didn’t happen. No one complained about comfort but It is pretty obvious that if you were to redo the interior of the Discovery with custom seats they would have to include a recline feature.
I’m going to drain the pumpkins and replace the fluid in the transfer case again just to get those two maintenance items completed. I have the fluid in the steering system about half switched out with the suck some out, fill it with new fluid, run the engine, repeat.
More soon. Thanks for reading.