1 Million Facebook Fans | Land Rover USA (Post #369) 7/16/2013

I don’t have 1 million Facebook Fans….Land Rover USA does. And to celebrate that, they made a video. A video that I submitted a picture for and since you are reading this…yes, our picture made into the video!

The original post was a post about my grand kids and their fondness for playing in the Range Rover while I work around their parent’s house.


It included this low res version of a photo I took of them playing in the back. I posted the photo on their Facebook page and they contacted me and asked to use it.

So without further ado…here is Land Rover USA’s video and watch for our picture in the 44 second. They open the glove box and there they are.

They got to one million fans pretty quickly. They were soliciting photos when they were around 850,000 fans.

I’m really happy they used our image. Perhaps I’ll submit a photo of Fireball’s dogs for the pets video. The dogs, like the grand kids, are fond of getting in the Range Rover when it is parked.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.