50,000 Page Views (Post #351) 6/12/2013

I’ve made it to 50,000 page views. And just a shade under eleven years! That’s not too bad for a blog with 383 posts and 16 registered followers, six of whom I know for a fact DO NOT EVEN OWN a Land Rover. The counting actually began in July 2007, when I brought all the posts over to Blogger. When I came over I lost all the page views from the original blog. My first real traffic came from OKRovers and they still have a link in the top right hand corner that redirects to my blog page.

Officially, my first post was September 16, 2002. It was a short post about my brakes. The post is so old I don’t even have the pictures for it online any longer. Most of the posts back then had icons describing the “type” of post it was. If it was a post about blogging, I had an old typewriter for an icon. If it was a post about brakes I had an image of an illuminated brake light. You get the gist of that…I thought it was good at the time. It got old fast. Back then I didn’t blog on a site like Blogger. I actually wrote a complete webpage with FROM SCRATCH MIND YOU using HTML! I knew there had to be a better way and a few years later I moved over to Blogger.

I’ve been telling myself I was going to redesign the OkieRover.com website. I haven’t had the energy and quite frankly, my ideas for web page design suck. When I see some of the well designed and written sites like Overland Live, Central Overland, and The Last Great Road Trip, they tell me, I should probably hire it out, at least the design portion any way.

My most popular post continues to be the Cool Vehicle Wrap page. If you do a Google image search for “Cool Vehicle Wrap” I’m number one. I had burned out of blogging and was trying to get things rolling again. I saw the picture on Jalopnik and posted it up. It does pretty good.

In August of 2008, I reposted the picture of Marilyn Monroe getting out of a Land Rover circa 1957. That post used to be number one.

The “Wish me luck next week” post is number two. If you look at it, it should come as no surprise as it is about acquiring a trailer. Lots of people are looking for a trailer. I finally bought a trailer and coincidentally sold it last week to a Jeeper who was going to use it for disaster relief efforts in our state. His daughter, who is currently serving in the Navy on the USS Sullivan, bought it for her dad. It was a great prank/gift that was fun to watch unfold. This fellow has some pretty good mates who found the trailer and orchestrated the whole event.

I get an email at least once a month from someone asking for help. Jarod recently emailed me about seat switches. I’ll share you a quote from the email….

This 2003 I just bought is awwwwwesome….but holy crap this thing has a lot of switches and a lot ofactuators/electrical crap.  I can’t wait for when all these things start wearing out!!  hahahahaha.

I know what you mean Jarod. I’m fighting the same things on my twenty year old 1993 Range Rover Classic. I’ve thought about buying a newer Range Rover, but after hearing the nightmares my sister-in-law has had with hers…I’m probably going to pass.

Once again, thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.