The Current State of the Big White Bus (Post #589) 1/20/2021

Overlanding in my F150, nice, but not my Range Rover

It’s been a long time since I have posted. I don’t have to tell you what a weird world this has been the last year. It’s still not “normal”. Maybe it will never be again. Who knows….

Let me catch you up. The house is still being remodeled. That has consumed quite a bit of my personal time. We’ve lost some cherished loved ones this last year. We’ve added a new grandson. Mrs. Okierover and I have been blessed that we still have jobs. There is something about being an “essential” employee that has its blessings. Banking and nursing have been good career paths for us.

The Big White Bus is in a state of disassembly.

Heater Fan Replacement

In January of 2020, I started on the heater box. Then my funding dried up. We have had to replace the heat pump and the roof on this house all in 2020. We’ve tried to be careful with our money too with possible job uncertainty lurking around every corner.

I’ve been taking stock of all the things I need to repair at this stage. I’m probably leaving something off but here’s a list of what I can come up with off the top of my head:

  • Heater Fan. I have the fan installed. I need all the ancillary gaskets.
  • New heater hoses. I’ve got it apart, might as well do them now.
  • Air conditioning hoses. There’s a leak somewhere and these hoses are original OEM from the factory. No way they are still good.
  • AC compressor, dryer, everything. Tired old components need to be replaced.
  • Clunky steering column. The bearing is shot I guess but it needs to be pulled and sorted.
  • Battery drain. I suspect it is the alternator again. I get replacements free for life from NAPA. I’m not sure I won’t go with something else more “sturdy”.
  • Ignition system. I need this system to be bullet proof. I’m going to replace the distributor and all the components again. I haven’t decided on which one yet.
  • Power steering leak. Still having issues with this. At least its a slow leak.
  • Left front brake caliper. There was wetness on the inside when I parked her in the shoppe. Investigation is needed.
  • Gas gauge uncertainty. The new fuel pump install has the gas gauge reporting varying levels of petrol. I can drive 150 miles on the second half of the tank. The float needs to be adjusted.
  • Radio and sound system. I’ve sourced a unit that I will be able to tie my phone to that won’t break the bank.
  • Seat covers. The leather is toast. This could be expensive. I’m thinking a waterproof replacement like what Ford is delivering with the new Broncos.
  • The D pillars need to be stripped and repainted. The vinyl is toast, too much Oklahoma sun.

I could probably list half a dozen “upgrades” like skid plates, lockers, new carpets, refurbishing the plastic bits. I still haven’t replaced my rear bumper from the last time a jackass distracted driver hit me. I’m sure I could list a dozen more. The Big White Bus is really showing her 250,000+ miles and she needs a facelift.

I’d like to say 2021 will be better than 2020. But honestly, I don’t have a lot of hope for any sector. Funding will improve this year I’m sure of it. We have major repairs required in the guest bathroom. The drain line under the tub has to be replaced. The master bath still has not been remodeled.

First world problems right?

Thanks for Reading and Happy Rovering.

Popular in Finland (Post #588) 11/16/2019

Looks like I’m pretty popular in Finland today. Hopefully it’s not a hacker trying to highjack my page.

My genetic profile tells me some part of me is Northern European. So thank you to my distant cousins for visiting.
Kiitos lukemisesta ja onnellisesta kuljettamisesta.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Post #587) 9/16/2019


I’ve had some issues with the idling on the Big White Bus. Once she is warmed up when I come to a stop sign the idle drops to something like 300 rpms. And eventually she drops lower and finally dies.

I read online that the O2 sensors could be the culprit. I couldn’t remember the last time replaced the O2 sensors. I am not getting Code 43 or 44. As I am not driving her daily I don’t have a good idea what the gas mileage had dropped to. So I decided I’d spend the money and replace. Continue reading “Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Post #587) 9/16/2019”

More Trouble with the Coil/Ignition Module/Whatever (Post #586) 9/14/2019


Ever jumped in your Land Rover and gotten this prediction?

Such a classic picture from  Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985).  Before Pee-wee took his bike out for a ride, he checked his fortune. You know the rest of the story….there’s no basement in the Alamo, Pee-wee’s prophetic words (YouTube), “There are things you wouldn’t understand, things you couldn’t understand, things…you shouldn’t understand.”

As Dottie (played by 80s icon Elizabeth Daily) replies “I don’t understand.” I know EXACTLY what you mean Dottie, I don’t understand. I don’t understand what’s going on with my ignition system. I’ve tried many…many solutions to solve this problem.

The problem, when the engine gets warmed up the ignition module does something that causes the coil to overheat. And when the coil overheats, the engine stops getting spark and the engine dies, leaves you stranded, and frustrates you to no end.

At the time of this video I jumped on forum and saw several posts of guys dealing with very similar issues. Some of them have gone to replacing the distributor and dealing with all those issues. I’m not afraid to swap to a new replacement distributor.

Atlantic British lists the Pertronix Flame Thrower for 459.95$(US). Summit offers a Davis Unified Ignition 96920 in four colors. I’ve never even heard of this company, or anyone ever using their distributor. At 575.99$(US) I’m not sure about that.

I installed the relocation kit about 15 years ago when these issues raised their ugly heads the first time. I ran that setup until about 3 years ago when we tried the GM replacement experiment and the Lucas Ignition module Part Duex experiment (both failed). Three years before that, I replaced the stock coils with PerTronix Flame-Thrower Ignition Coils. I got good service out of those but ultimately they failed. I damaged the distributor so much sorting this out I had to have it replaced. A used distributor was installed. Mostly due to cost right at the same time I was trying to close a house and move back to my hometown.

I was chastised in some forum posts when I posted I’d just chuck the whole thing and replace it with a motor from a LR3 (Discovery 3, elsewhere in the world). There are thousands of Range Rover Classics motoring about on original ignition systems. So why am I getting these failures?

I’ve consulted people WAY, WAY smarter than me and we can’t come up with a reason for the failures. The frustration of not being able to take my Range Rover more than 2 miles from Okierover Base Camp is super frustrating.

I’m going to try a coil with high resistance next. I understand the coil for a 1971 Ford Mustang 351 Boss. 25$(US) at O’Reilly’s Auto has a high resistance. The 351 is a points ignition. And it’s a cheap test. If that fails…I’m looking at a Pertronix swap, or perhaps a diesel engine swap…I’m pretty sure either of them will be equally frustrating to get in place.

Maybe one of the sexiest cars I’ve ever seen

As always your comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.

Why Not Spend the Extra $12? (Post #585) 9/13/2019

We’ve all been there. If you haven’t, you will. You’ve been stopped dead by a failed part. In this case my friend JagGuy’s wife. JagGuy was absent from one of our weekly lunches, this time he missed out on a greasy cheeseburger from Tucker’s. He was waiting with his wife on the tow truck to arrive to haul one of their Discovery’s to his shoppe for a repair.

Continue reading “Why Not Spend the Extra $12? (Post #585) 9/13/2019”

Fuel Relays (Post #584) 9/4/2019

Before I had the pad poured for the new shop, I was regularly starting the Big White Bus and letting her get up to temp. I even would take her out on short trips just to get the fluids circulating.

The Saturday before the crew was scheduled to come out, I went out to start the old girl and all I got was lots of turning but no starting. That’s right, she went from starting every time to not running at all. Being that we live in the “country” now my mind began to race. Parked vehicles are basically hotels for rodents of every size and shape.

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