Among the Gourds and Gravel

In all my 50+ plus years of living in Oklahoma I have never been to the top of Mount Scott. So this past weekend, I took off to see it. Mount Scott is located in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, Oklahoma. It rises to 2,464 feet above sea level and towers over the surrounding area. There is a three-mile long road that takes you to the top.


Bigfoot Talisman

I saw this fused glass Bigfoot at the Midsummer’s Night Fair a couple of weeks ago.  I was there to see the Oh! Johnny Girls. They were as awesome as I expected them to be. But the Bigfoot Talisman haunted me on the bicycle ride home. I told Mr. Fisher that it was imparitive that[…]

Bad Luck and Animals

 My oldest daughter has a terrible time with animals making homes out of her cars. When we lived in the Quanah Parker house a large rat made a nest out of the insulation and wiring in her Ford Escort. Previous to that our Pontiac LeMans had a rat living under the hood. On Father’s Day[…]