CV Joint and Front Axle Seal

Here is what will pass for a how-to video on the CV Joint and axle seal replacement. I had trouble videoing it with greasy hands. I also had trouble because the phone ran out of disk space. That let to some choppy video and you didn’t get to see the assembly. What I do hope[…]

Slow Days of Summer

  Sorry for the post drought lately. I finally have a new job and haven’t had much time to do much of anything Land Rover. I ordered a CV joint and some other bits to sort out the axle problem that I referred to in Front Half Shaft Oil-Seal Failure. I thought they’d be in[…]

Front Half Shaft Oil-Seal Failure

How many of you remember this commercial?

So the problem I’m having is exactly like that commercial, except that it’s not delicious, I haven’t bumped into a cute girl, and there’s no creepy old man helping solve the problem, there isn’t a happy ending, and it’s 2014 not 1982.

You got swivel housing grease in my differential oil!

No you got differential oil in my swivel housing grease!


Worth Every Penny

I can’t remember if I had blogged about getting an in the floor tornado shelter. In any event I did. I had ulterior motive. And the picture at left demonstrates it. It made a perfect oil change pit. I am standing on the floor of the shelter. Every thing was in reach. Once I drained[…]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

[Queue the theme song]The Good, I started on the rear brakes last night.The Bad, I can’t finish the project.The Ugly, I found a broken axle half shaft. As you can see in this picture the rear brakes on the Range Rover are looking pretty knackered. I love that word “knackered”. In this context I’m using[…]