Worth Every Penny (Post #393) 9/21/2013

I can’t remember if I had blogged about getting an in the floor tornado shelter. In any event I did. I had ulterior motive. And the picture at left demonstrates it.

It made a perfect oil change pit. I am standing on the floor of the shelter. Every thing was in reach. Once I drained the oil pan, I moved the stairs up to the top and used them as a shelf for the oil filter.

It all worked like a dream. I am really chuffed about it.

I also investigated the oil coming from the left front hub. My dust cap has failed and the spare I got from Rover Cannibal disintegrated when I installed it. I guess my only option now is buying a new set from Atlantic British.

I cleaned the tire up and while I did it occurred to me that the oil coming out was from the differential. That means the seal for the drive shaft is also toast. And that will mean a total hub removal to fix. I’m not terribly excited about that project.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.