Cup Holders Revisited

Today my goal was to fixed my daughter’s zero-turn mower. It tossed a belt and the blades are toast. It started raining and the Mrs. OkieRover got a text that the kids were taking the grandchildren to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge.

That eliminated 90% of the reasons for her to go. So plan B was initiated. Garage projects. Project one was to turn a couple of new cup holders.


May 12th, 2003

May 12, 2003Cupholder Goodness Project I have turned some wood and have the first working wooden cup holder. I turned it out of Red Cedar, which is very common to Oklahoma. The wood was soft and difficult to turn due to my lack of knowledge in such areas. But it is done. I am investigating[…]

September 17, 2002

September 17th, 2002 The Ditchfinder has once again at lunch lead me to Home Depot. But this time I am thinking about Cupholders! I have pondered the cupholder problem many years now. Many thoughts have come up. Where do you place them? How do you mount them? What are they to be made of? Why[…]