Window regulator (Post #109) 10/13/2008

What a piece of crap. The passenger side window regulator faied in the Discovery….AGAIN. This time I get to pay for it. After I got the thing removed from the door I realized it was made of aluminum. A really poor quality of aluminum as well.

99.95 from Atlantic British. I can get a used one from Motorcars LTD for 77.36.

The question now is do I spend the extra 22 bucks for a new one?

Is this thing repairable?
Can an enterprising fellow such as your humble greasy fingered narrator get replacement wheels?

My motor is fine. It was the plastic runner wheels that failed. Why do you make something out of plastic, when aluminum would have worked just as well?

Rhetorical question WOODCOCK!

So it can fail and require replacement, that’s why! The dealership replaced the last one under warranty. I am going to replace the next one out of my pocket. Yeah I’ll take pictures.

Why did the passenger side fail twice? The world may never know.

Figured out the Codes Problem (Post #98) 6/26/2008

I hate it when problems like this occur. Well I got the wiring diagram off the Rave CD and started looking at it. The Engine Management fuse in the fuse box under the hood was blowing. That made some sense as I read through the Engine Management section of the workshop manual. Everything listed in the codes was on each of the subsequent pages under Engine management. So I went to the wiring diagram and the first thing the fuse went to was the mass airflow circuit.
I remembered all the wires under the intake and decided to investigate and found a wire mashed between the secondary air input and the intake.

I diagrammed it in this picture. If you put the intake back in the middle of the picture. That bracket had the wire under it.
I am so relieved that I found the problem. We just couldn’t afford to send the Disco to the repair shop right now.
It must be noted also that I swapped the plugs and wires on my Range Rover Classic tonight. It took less than an hour. Total time on the Disco…9 hours plus.
I’m pretty sure Satan himself designed that engine bay.
Read about the wire replacement here.

GAHHHHH!!!! (Post #96) 6/25/2008

Yeah me. So I just finished the plug wires and spark plug replacement. It was just as bad as everyone said it would be.
I have pictures and a write up coming. But first…
I have to list for you the codes my Rover threw when I started her up.
One of those is the wheel sensor. I knew it was broken.
But the rest are the preheater, a position sensor for the cam shaft, one I have no idea what it meant by the code, and well, you get the picture. So now I will have to try to figure out what I screwed up doing this shitty job myself. I could have paid someone to do it, but I didn’t. So as I attempt to figure out each of these codes I’ll be posting more up later.

Tune up time…Dammit (Post #90) 5/28/2008

The next person I hear say the reason for the high gas prices is high demand, gets a good ol’fashioned hole stomped in the middle of them, which I will then proceed to walk dry.

It’s not demand…it’s the F@#%ing speculators. Seriously, 90% of drivers are doing the same thing they do everyday, drive to work. Where’s the increased demand? It’s all bull shit.

As many of you Land Rover fans have discovered, 4$(US) per gallon gasoline and the SUV lifestyle do not have positive affects on your wallet. It’s been so bad that I have actually started to car pool again. Something I never thought I’d have to do again.

I car pooled back in the early 2000s when gasoline was a halcyon 1.65$(US) a gallon and we thought we were getting raped with those prices. When I changed jobs (and buildings) I stopped. But now I am back in that building and have two other guys in my car pool. With this car pooling I have had to give up my beloved books on tape and my quiet time each day. But it has saved us a lot of money so far.

So when the Atlantic British catalog came in the mail and the gas mileage on the Disco dropping below 14mpg and the price of petrol inching toward outrageous amounts the perfect storm of common sense and dammit I’ll do it have come together.

We are taking a vacation out to Huntington Beach to visit some friends this summer. And we have decided to drive. Mostly because the price of flying and renting a car is completely outrageous. And besides, who wants to be trapped in a plane, in coach, with a hundred other unhappy flyers for four hours plus airport lay-overs?

Answer: That would not be anyone one named OkieRover, nor any of his spawn.

We have two choices of transportation to Kalifornia.
A 2003 Land Rover Discovery SE or a 2002 Ford Taurus
Lets compare… Pros and Cons

Disco – roomy, not as roomy as a 1993 Range Rover LWB but I don’t have the money or time to convince my wife we should take the Rangie to Kali.
Taurus – not roomy, not at all
Disco – comfortable leather seats
Taurus – probably the most uncomfortable seats in any car known to man with the possible exception of the Mustang I ride in one out of three weeks to work
Disco – individual climate controlled environment and rear air
Taurus – two temperatures in the front, hot or cold, one temp in the back, hot
Disco – 14-15mpg on a good day on the highway
Taurus – 32-36mpg on the highway at 90+. We know that because we drove it to Denver one Thanksgiving and my son ratted my wife out for going 100mph while I was napping. We got really good mileage on that trip.

So as you can see it’s an easy choice and we have a clear winner. We are taking the Disco. Besides just think of all the great things we would miss if we flew on our way out to see Marty Moose:


Most of the New Mexican desert
Most of the Arizonan desert
The Grand Canyon
Las Vegas
29 Palms Military Reservation
Los Angeles traffic
San Diego
Padres baseball
Yuma, Arizona
Roswell, NM

And missing the chance to hear my son coin a new phrase describing Kalifornians and their driving abilities. Floridiots was his last entry from our 2005 vacation to Ft. Myers.

Yeah okay, I’ll give ya the fact it’s gonna be a long boring drive. But who wants to miss the Mother Road?

51ZK07AT8YLYeah, that’s what I thought you’d say…but we’re still gonna drive.

So nearly 500$(US) later and we have new sparky plugs, plug wires, and oxygen sensors on the way to get the Disco tuned up for the long drive. Now if I can just avoid ethanol on the way out there we should be able to get there in comfort. Making food into fuel is stupid. It’s made the cost of food go up and everyone that voted for it in congress needs a red hot poker up the tail pipe. Yeah I’m kinda passionate about that. Maybe I’ll blog about that in the future.
Hopefully we can get 16-18mpg while we enjoy each other’s close quarters company in a Land Rover heading west like so many of our relatives did 75 years ago.

But this time we are bringing cash and riding in style.
Go ahead call us Okies, we’ll just smile and yep, we sure are.
Thanks for reading and happy rovering.

Drive shaft replacement this weekend (Post #81) 8/10/2007

I’m going to do the drive shaft replacement project on the Discovery this weekend. I purchased the drive shaft and such a few months ago and have finally got a weekend loose to finish it. I will be able to use my buddy, JagGuy’s lift so this should go swimmingly well. I’ll take lots of pics and get a Tech Tip write up as soon as I am able.

November 4, 2005 (Post #63)

November 4, 2005
Gas mileage down, Disco search halted
EGD stated that the BWB has a nasty odor coming from her. Coincidentally the gas mileage has dropped to 13.5 from the 14.5 and 15 mpg I was getting. I expect she is running rich and will need the oxygen sensors replaced, again!

Discovering a Discovery
My dear wife, oh how I love her so. After she watched me work on the BWB for 3 straight weekends, said we needed a new car. I told her I wanted to get another Rover. Her concerns were all valid. You recite them with me being as you are probably a Rover Owner too. Reliability, warranty, etc…

She did have a few guidelines.

  • little or no maintenance: She doesn’t want me working on it “all the time”.
  • So that eliminates an older Disco I and another Range Rover Classic
  • she wanted 7 seats: Sweet! I’m thinking Series 109inch. Man how good would I look
    driving around a 109 or an early Defender 110?!?! Damn good that’s how good.
  • air conditioning: Okay so no Series, Discovery has a seven seat option.

What did that leave me. Discovery SE7. Our price range is mid 20s and lower. That would mean a $500 plus car payment and more insurance. But RovErica will be driving this time next year. And Drewster Rooster will be needing an auto in just under 4 years. He is happy to drive the Taurus and RovErica likes the novelty of the Rover as I do. So I’m thinking she can drive the BWB and I’ll have a Disco II.

All sound arguements. Except for these facts:

  • I DON’T WANT ANOTHER CAR PAYMENT. We just got both cars paid off.
  • SE7s just don’t grow on trees apparently. They are out there, but as of this
    writing there are zero, zilch, nada, AKA none in Oklahoma. Not a single one.

I got cold feet not getting to look at the vehicle, in person, prior to purchase. Also some of these vehicles are quite a haul from our location in Central Oklahoma. One nice one was in Jonesboro, Arkansas, it had the built in DVD for somewhere around $23,500. There were a couple of nice ones in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area too. And at least 10 in Denver. But those are long drives for nothing if I don’t buy.

But alas, I digress.
So we said, let’s wait. So I’m guessing in Spring I’ll be looking for a 2003 or 2004 Discovery II SE7. Good news is those 2003’s and 04’s will be another year older and another year depriciated.