Window regulator (Post #109) 10/13/2008

What a piece of crap. The passenger side window regulator faied in the Discovery….AGAIN. This time I get to pay for it. After I got the thing removed from the door I realized it was made of aluminum. A really poor quality of aluminum as well.

99.95 from Atlantic British. I can get a used one from Motorcars LTD for 77.36.

The question now is do I spend the extra 22 bucks for a new one?

Is this thing repairable?
Can an enterprising fellow such as your humble greasy fingered narrator get replacement wheels?

My motor is fine. It was the plastic runner wheels that failed. Why do you make something out of plastic, when aluminum would have worked just as well?

Rhetorical question WOODCOCK!

So it can fail and require replacement, that’s why! The dealership replaced the last one under warranty. I am going to replace the next one out of my pocket. Yeah I’ll take pictures.

Why did the passenger side fail twice? The world may never know.