Exhaust Gasket Blow Out (Post #545) 9/21/2015

The Big White Bus started sounding like she was losing a catalytic converter. The sound started as a ticking. However yesterday and today I knew it was a blown exhaust gasket and a missing exhaust stud. I naturally assumed the worst had happened and I would need new exhaust pieces. I was prepared to replace the exhaust starting with the Y. It’s Frankenstein’d together as it is. The next problem or failure is going to require a new exhaust system. I thought that was now. Continue reading “Exhaust Gasket Blow Out (Post #545) 9/21/2015”

Unplanned Problems Solved (Post #469) 3/18/2014

In my post Unplanned Problems I talked about a missing exhaust gasket and a broken bolt. Both problems were more or less easy to solve. I had to wait for Mrs. Okierover to return to the house with the CR-V so I could fetch the parts I needed. The weather turned cold and I had to bundle up to finish up the jobs.

The exhaust gasket was, as I predicted, unavailable in the Oklahoma City metro area. I’ll have to order it from one of the vendors. I talked to JagGuy and bought some High Temp RTV.


I smeared it on the one gasket I did have.

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Land Rover at Lowe’s and a New Muffler (Post #461) 3/11/2014

20140308_155449Over the past weekend I stopped at Lowe’s to pick up paint for my Coleman Stove Project which was part of my gearing up for S.C.A.R.R. When I came out this Discovery was sitting next to me. With the parking lot nearly empty parking directly next to me meant this guy must be an enthusiast. So I scribbled a note inviting the driver to check out my blog and to keep in touch as we were forming a Land Rover Club, Red Dirt Rovers, and invited them to check out our Google Community.

Later that day I got an email from John Joyce the owner of the Discovery. He has reached out to me with a couple of emails and I look forward to meeting him at S.C.A.R.R.

His rig looks well used. Seeing this Discovery next to me in the lot has told me I’m pretty sure if I ever get another Land Rover it will be a Discovery I. So much awesome in such a little package. Like anyone I’d love to have a classic Series 2a but for a daily driver that is probably not a realistic nor practical option. There’s more after the jump…

Garage Day: Exhaust Leak? (Post #434) 1/16/2014

Once I’d placed the Flex-a-lite sticker on the window, you know, to improve the off-road-ability, we fired her up for testing of the new fans. At once, EGD said something about an exhaust leak. I guess he hadn’t really ever noticed the tick-tick-tick before.

I told him I thought there was a leak right where the previous shop welded up the exhaust last time. I believed it to be a crack at the weld. The tell-tale signs of a leak were not present. Normally you see a black soot deposit on the exterior of the exhaust.

We put the Range Rover up on some ramps and crawled underneath. I pointed out where I thought the leak was. EGD was skeptical but I assured him that was the most likely spot. We inspected the exhaust and found nothing else visible.

With flash to show location of welding.
Welding is cool.

So EGD welded it up. I fired her up and she was noticeably quieter. Its amazing to me that a friend will climb under your truck and attempt to catch himself on fire for me. Such a great friend. This will put off me buying a new stainless steel exhaust for at least the rest of this year.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Transmission time (Post #266) 9/19/2011

It’s time to investigate getting the transmission overhauled. I’ve only had work done on the transmission once. That was a bad torque converter. I don’t believe it will be that “easy” this time. This time I believe its time for a told overhaul. The transmission has 190,000+ miles on it. I know I am experiencing slipping in fourth under load. I know the gas mileage has dropped off a lot too. I’m not sure how much the MPG is transmission and how much is perhaps another issue.

I intend to have the ye old transmission shoppe replace the “U” joints as well. They have to take them all down anyway so why not do that now and avoid this problem. I was thinking I could have some stronger “U” joints put in but I’m probably going to stick with OEM. I’d have to first trust that the transmission shoppe knows what upgraded “U” joints are best and/or they would have to trust me with buying the part and they installing it. Most shoppes don’t want any part of the “I’ll provide the parts.” mostly due to warranty issues. I don’t blame them.

I would like to have my work checked in regards to last year’s suspension changes. My poly bushing project may have not been properly done. I have some clunks and such from underneath that I do not think should be there. There is a sort of “off-road shoppe” on Porter Avenue that I have seen some 4×4 rigs loitering around. I am thinking about checking them out for this review.

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The building has an awesome art deco facade (façade). I hope the guys inside are just as awesome. Nothing disappoints me more than when I chose a shop to work on my Range Rover and people inside are pillocks. You’ve heard me rail on and on about how customer service is dead. I’ve been in too many shops that are now out of business where the guys inside complete douche bags. Is it any wonder they’ve had to fold up the tent? I’ll let you know if these guys pass my customer service muster.

And last, but definitely not least, I need a new exhaust. The last one did not survive the winter storms and Snowpocalypse of 2010. I’ve been driving around with the rattling noise of a bad muffler ever since. There might be some gas mileage issues in this as well. The last time I drove the old girl, I had an check engine light. Code 17. I don’t know why yet. THe good people over at Robison Service have that as…

Code 17 – Throttle potentiometer Usually indicates a bad throttle position sensor. Refer to test 17, continuity test procedure.

I have not confirmed this yet. And it didn’t pop up until after I ordered parts the last time. I ordered some of those plastic studs to put my door panels back on. This was in anticipation of fixing the door locks.

I also ordered a upper radiator hose to replace the one that sprung a leak. I also need to look into replacing the upper fill tubes plastic filler cap. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to have their head examined. I think Expedition Exchange has a brass one to replace it. I’ll be looking in to that today as well.

Well this was a long and rambling post and for that I apologize. It’s more or less the next to-do list for me after we get done with the garage sale. Mrs. OkieRover is in the process of selling a lot of the stuff we got from my mother after her death. We also have a bunch of stuff from years and years of hoarding improper emotional attachment not properly getting rid of STUFF accumulating in the garage over the years.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Feed store ambiance (Post #174) 4/12/2010

I started my Saturday with the hopes of doing a shit load moderate amount of yard work. I originally imagined myself buying some soil and some additional retaining wall stones in order to get my front flower garden level and looking good. But with my neck in its present state, I would need some help. So I got the boys, who were none too pleased about my ambitious plans and loaded them into the Range Rover. I thought we would be going to one of the area home improvement stores and loading up with dirt and stones and that task required the Range Rover.

Much to my son and nephew’s approval, my wife vetoed the purchase for now. I was already set on taking the Range Rover out for a spin and decided to take it to Ellison’s Feed Store to pick up industrial weed and grass killer and some fertilizer for my rose bushes. At least I could get that done.

When I backed out of the drive way and stopped we heard a loud bang from the back. I thought for sure I had either backed into a car or a kid’s bicycle I did not see. I got out and looked around but did not see anything obvious.

Ellison’s is one of the last and few “old fashioned” feed stores. You remember the ones, where there are ample young men standing around waiting for directions to load this or that into your truck or car. Where you can still buy locally made honey, plant fertilizer, a tomato plant or two, a salt lick, chicken scratch and a lead for your horse all in one stop. As I got out of the Rover I said, “Are you boys coming in?”
“No.” and “Nope.” were their replies.
I said, “This is the last of the old-timey feed stores, don’t you want to experience that?”
“Uh, no.” was all I got back.

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I have some seriously fond memories of the feed store from my youth. My dad would take us along mostly to get us out from under mom’s feet and for the shear fact that I believed he liked riding around with us. That last bit might be a stretch but it’s what I remember. So we would jump into the 1967 Chevy pickup, three on the tree, no seat belts and head to the feed store to grab some alfalfa, oats and sometimes some tack. We would almost always get to buy a popsicle from the cooler.

So it was almost always a great trip to the feed store. Today that feed store is Boyer Veterinary Clinic. They haven’t lost all their old-timey feed store-ness. In the back is Oklahoma Tack and Supply.

Back to the modern era and Ellison’s. So I went in…alone…and grabbed some rose bush fertilizer and some industrial strength weed and grass killer.

I use this stuff as liquid edger. I spray it at the base of the fence in my yard. It kills everything and saves me tons of time by not having to use the weed eater every time I mow. I have to apply it three times during the summer which is cheaper than the string on my weed wacking device.

While I was in the the store I saw some stone grills. Boy did those bring back fond memories.

We had one of these growing up and there is nothing like them when it comes to grilling. My dad bought two of these while we were on Guam. He left one in the crate so he could ship it back to Oklahoma with us. I think the last time it was used was around 1974. It sits on my parent’s back porch to this day. It has seen better days and I am afraid to move it. But after hearing what it would cost to replace it today, around 1000$(US), for the same size, maybe I should arrange to get it to my house.

Well, I’d had enough of the ambiance of the feed store and needed to get my able hands back to the hacienda, Casa de Okie Rover, and to work. I came out and gloated a bit with, “You don’t know what you are missing.”

We got out on the road and headed home. We had to explain to Zach, my nephew, why the Range Rover is such a special vehicle instead of a “piece of crap” as he saw it. I think he is clearer on the issue now. Considering his age and the fact he has never ridden in a car that had leather seats, let alone cost more new than any place he has ever lived, we cut him a little slack and decided to educate him. We got home and I had the boy’s mowing and pulling weeds in short order.

Sunday I found myself back out in the drive way and I decided to look under the Rover to find the source of the bang. Thinking I’d see a loose shock or something else I proceeded to poke around. Thankfully it was something else. I grabbed the exhaust and gave it a good shake. It was unusually loose in the back. And after further investigation I found it. A broken exhaust hanger.

It can wait until I get the Rover either over to the Evil German Dude’s house or up to Jag Guy’s shop to have it welded back in place. I could always take it back to University Muffler and I’m sure they would fix it too. But that would not be as fun as EGD or JagGuy’s places and the comradery that goes along with them.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.