Exhaust Gasket Blow Out (Post #545) 9/21/2015

The Big White Bus started sounding like she was losing a catalytic converter. The sound started as a ticking. However yesterday and today I knew it was a blown exhaust gasket and a missing exhaust stud. I naturally assumed the worst had happened and I would need new exhaust pieces. I was prepared to replace the exhaust starting with┬áthe Y. It’s Frankenstein’d together as it is. The next problem or failure is going to require a new exhaust system. I thought that was now.

At lunch today I ran down to Rover Cannibal to see if they had some new exhaust studs and an exhaust gasket. They did. I am so fortunate to have a Land Rover Shoppe like that so close.

I got home after a long day of work and pulled the BWB over my storm shelter in the garage. This makes things so much easier. The exhaust had to cool so I made breakfast for dinner for Mrs. Okierover and watched The Big Bang Theory season opener.

Looking up at the passenger side exhaust.

Once the exhaust had cooled off I sorted out the tools I needed and got after it. The exhaust bolts were pretty knackered. Rust and constant heating and cooling and rust and water and rust had welded one of the nuts to one of the of the studs. So I tossed it. I had replacements for two of the three.

I took the best stud of the two remaining and cleaned it up with the wire wheel. I also ran a nut the length of the shaft to clean up the threads. That helped.

Best remaining before clean up, a new crimped nut, a new exhaust stud with nuts to drive it up.

The replacement nut and stud are designed to be easy to install. The nuts is crimped so it can be used to drive the stud until it bottoms out. Then the nut proceeds up the shaft securing the header, gasket, and exhaust tightly together. To be honest I was surprised it worked so well.

She’s all buttoned up now and sounds great. Now won’t be so embarrassed when I pull up to my fellow Land Rover owners with an exhaust that sounds like I’m about to blow an engine.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.