Fan Troubles Plague All the Cars from the British Isles (Post #436) 1/24/2014

That heading is probably a stretch but when I was a kid, the last thing you could expect to fail on your 1965 Pontiac Tempest was the iron cooling fan. You were more likely to lose a finger than it to fail in any way.
“Got Lucky” was the title of the text I received from JagGuy. His initial comment was, “Even metal radiator cooling fans fail.” He sent the following two pictures.
Cooling fan on JagGuy’s Mark I Jaguar.
The “Lucky” part. Only slight damage to the radiator.
His text to me was in response to one of my recent posts, Radiator Cooling Fan Cracked Again. In it I mention the options to replacing your radiator fan. One of them was finding a replacement fan made of metal. JagGuy had replaced his crappy plastic fan with this aluminum one. He also mentioned that Jaguar actually started making fans out of a different type of plastic. These “black” colored fans don’t suffer from the same type of failure as the crappy “white” ones.
He was very worried that he would be repairing his radiator due to this recent failure. Its entirely likely that the fan blade failed due to metal fatigue from flexing. He was in the process of putting electric fans on.
So in short, you really can’t escape fan failure. You can only hope it doesn’t destroy something else in the process. 
The exchanged ended as such.

JagGuy: “$20 fan with 200,000 miles on it. I want my money back!”

Okierover: “They just don’t make things like they used too.”

It’s true…they don’t make things like they used to. 
Thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.

Oh dear Lord, I’ve bungled a post (Post #391) 9/17/2013

My dear friend JagGuy has awoken from his birthday feast and subsequent hang-over and was apparently looking at my blog posts. He ran across my post “Rolls Royce Anyone“. He has correctly identified the car as a “Daimler Limo which is built from a Jaguar 420“. This was the title of the email….

Unforgivable Error on Blog!!!

You can imagine I am now blushing with embarrassment.

1963 Jaguar 420

The rest of the email is a quaint love story with a sad ending.

I sold the one I had, Jaguar 420 that is, this spring. Mine was beautiful on the outside but, because of all the rust in the floors, would have folded in half if you opened all the doors at once!


Isn’t that the fear of everyone who drives a British car?!?! Especially Land Rover Series models?! Due to this being an “Unforgiveable” error, I must apologize to all three (its a guess) of my readers who own Jaguars. I am deeply ashamed at my utter lack of knowledge of limousines from across the pond. I don’t believe I’ve ever ridden in a limousine of any kind. If I did, I was too intoxicated to remember it.

I will follow up with my own response.

Dear JagGuy,
Seriously ““?  I only FREELOADED my website on your servers for some odd 6 or 7 years, and you can’t even spell it correctly? I remember your 420 and it well may be my second favorite of your Jaguar collection.

I am still enamored with your silver XJ6. Besides the ridiculously expensive modern Jaguars that I find very attractive, the 1980s model XJ6’s are affordable to me and still very, very sexy.

Thank you for the correction, thank you for reading

Your friend,


P.S. Hurry up and get the M54A2 5 ton camper project finished.

I fully expect your camper to have the following modifications and capabilities. It only seems logical…you are, after all, the infamous JagGuy, owner of

Comfortable living quarters….

Direct, line of sight security…(hint, talk to Paul) .50 cal is fine, I prefer the grenade launcher…

And this quaint option so we can going fishing, I know you’ll figure out how to make it all happen….

Thanks for reading, thanks for correcting me, and Happy Rovering.