New Tires

After 4 years on my Firestone AT’s they finally quit me. They just don’t make tires like they used too. /sarcasm. With 2/32ds on the worst one it was time get new shoes for the BWB. I took her by my son-in-law’s Firestone shop on 33rd in Edmond to get a new set of Bridgestone[…]

3 Ply Tires are for Sissies*

My good friend JagGuy, who you may know from his site or my frequent mentions of his genius when it comes to automotive knowledge, has an interesting hobby. He has a business where he bobs the venerable Duece and a Half’s that were so prevalent in the last century with our military. I drove one at the 1984 Combined Arms Exercise at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. […]

Camel Trophy Indeed

I found this Camel tire repair kit in my dad’s garage. We have been cleaning my mom’s house out the past couple of weekends. Now I am sorting all that stuff in my garage. I will definitely pack that in my road kit if for nothing else a conversation starter. Thanks for reading, and Happy[…]


It seems like just a short time ago I bought tires for my Discovery. In fact it has been 47,000 miles ago. The Bridgestone AT REVO’s have been great. As you may recall I bought a set of 16 inch rims and got “real truck tires” for the Discovery. I thought fancifully that I would[…]

January 10th, 2005

January 10th, 2005New tires on, Throttle Position Sensor Image Uploaded, Lense covers re-installedThe Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo II’s are on the Rover. They look good and ride high. The wet roads have been no challenge so far and snow is expected for later this week so I’m all prepared. I had a request for an[…]