Not much going on (Post #250) 3/1/2011

LR2 Owner with a sense of adventure PRA4SNO

I just thought I’d stop in and say not much is going on. I’ve been able to drive the Range Rover a couple of times. I took my nephew out to my mother’s house and we knocked around the property. I was able to incorporate the Range Rover for use as a ladder. I stepped up on the tailgate to get to a higher limb.

We also used her to haul the storm door back from Lowe’s. With the door hanging out the back I recalled that was the one thing I didn’t like about my Discovery 2. The fact that I COULDN’T hang over sized loads out the back. We rolled down the windows and had the sunroof open to abate the exhaust coming in from the back. I’m wondering if there is a way to pipe the exhaust out the side that might minimalize the exhaust coming back into the vehicle when using the back to haul over sized stuff.

At one point Mrs. OkieRover asked me if we could, “just strap the door on top.” The first reason no was all my straps were in the garage at the house. I could have bought more at Lowe’s but I didn’t. I told her there was a glass sunroof up there and that, “I don’t have a roof rack.” She gave her customary, “whatever” comment. Which I take to mean, “I know you will buy one when you want one.” WELL…I want one.

I need to start on the door locks. I’m not sure how to approach the issue, but it needs to be addressed.

I will also be taking the Range Rover on my soccer strip in a few weeks. I’ve tried to have some type of tailgate for the Chicago Fire vs FC Dallas MLS match. This is the closest MLS game to my home location. Saturn used to sponsor a pre-season soccer match at OU’s soccer facility. But with the car dealers taking it on the chin and the demise of Saturn, it might be a cold day in hell before MLS is back in our metro.

We had a chance at a USL team in Edmond, but it never happened. The expansion didn’t include the OKC metro area. I’m still holding out for a merger that would somehow make MLS and USL one giant all powerful league that elevates the level of play and gives America a leg up on the world competition. Ah….a soccer fan can dream.

Parking lot shoveler takes a break

The Firestone Destination AT tires worked out great in the snow. I was never disappointed in their stickiness on the ice and their grip in the snow. The tires worked great. They are quiet on the highway too. So far so good.

They really liked resting on the Classic
In the first picture you can see a local Land Rover LR2 owner with a pretty funny personalized license plate.

I’m guessing he was praying for it because it was starting during the evening commute the night I took this picture. The next day it hit in earnest and we missed two days of work with a blizzard. I’ve seen him a couple of other times on the way home, but never when I’m in my Range Rover.

I had another encounter during the recent snow. No doubt you have heard of the “Rover Wave”. My quote at the bottom of that page happened again during the blizzards. While sitting in front of Bass Pro store in Bricktown waiting for the signal light to change, a woman driving a Tambora Flame Orange LR2 gave me a big toothy smile as she turned into the parking lot. I sensed with that smile, that she knew that the only vehicle to drive in this crappy weather was a Land Rover.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.