3 Ply Tires are for Sissies*

My good friend JagGuy, who you may know from his site XM381.com or my frequent mentions of his genius when it comes to automotive knowledge, has an interesting hobby. He has a business where he bobs the venerable Duece and a Half’s that were so prevalent in the last century with our military. I drove one at the 1984 Combined Arms Exercise at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. […]


I ventured up north to JagGuy’s shop to discuss the trailer pick up on Monday. He has my bill of sale. So I stopped by to make sure he sent it and to talk about the safety chains for the new trailer. We talked about lunettes  and chain. I’m going to utilize the tie down[…]

Wish me luck next week

We are going after one of these. Its an M101A1 3/4 ton trailer. I have thought about getting a trailer for a couple of years, as you regular readers know. I have looked at all manner of trailers, every thing from Sankey to M105s to M334 ammo trailers. I have recently been trolling the GOVLIQUIDATION.COM[…]