Trailer-pated (Post #181) 6/5/2010

I ventured up north to JagGuy’s shop to discuss the trailer pick up on Monday. He has my bill of sale. So I stopped by to make sure he sent it and to talk about the safety chains for the new trailer.

We talked about lunettes  and chain. I’m going to utilize the tie down rings under the rear of the Range Rover for my safety chains. I bought two lengths 2.5 foot of 3/8th chain and some lunettes from Tractor Supply. Man do I love some Tractor Supply. I actually am angry at my forefathers for failing to secure a gigantic piece property that would require me to visit Tractor Supply at least once a month.

I think I’m ready to get the trailer except for the directions. I have a number to call of a fellow who knows this system of and the location of the building I have to meet my contact at. As you remember her directions to me were lacking details, like an address, building number or actual names of the streets I need to use to meet her.

The way my friend JagGuy described them would be very much like the Soup Nazi from tv’s Seinfeld. If you don’t make your appointment EXACTLY on time. NO TRAILER FOR YOU, reschedule!

More after I pick up the trailer. Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.